Getting into street for cheap

I’m looking to get a new unicycle for street (leaning more towards freestyle than trials, but I want to do some trials); is the Qu-Ax 20" Cross ( ) a good choice? I don’t have the money for a proper splined unicycle assuming the cheapest is the $260 Torker DX.

Also, does the standard KH handle work with the seat included with the Qu-Ax Cross? The handle is $9 from UDC.

I really, really don’t want to spend over $250 including shipping (my money, but my parents are very reluctant to let me spend), and I want a freestyle capable unicycle, so it’s that or the 20" Nimbux X .

you can get a dx for $200 or less on ebay.

the cross is not a good choice.
if you’re going to go cheap, go for a torker.

If you’re so close to having enough for a unicycle with a splined wheelset, I think you’d better go mow a lawn or two so you can get one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, the cheapest I’ve seen on ebay is $245 including shipping anywhere in the US, that’s where I got mine. The guy I got mine from usually has one up, but he doesn’t have one for sale right now. Check back in a few days.

That sounds great, I’ll wait for that. I didn’t see any less than $260 on eBay the few times I checked. He is selling the 07 models?

I don’t know if they’re 07 models or not, but I do know that the seller is called price_thumper and he’s located in New Jersey. He has good seller feedback at eBay and (more importantly) from several people in this forum. I haven’t bought from him, but nearly did until someone local sold me a brand new DX last year for under $200.

i got an 05 DX for $200
then im getting $100 worth of stuff for christmas for it
so $300
for a uni thats only a little better than the stock DX
and i broke the seat, but im fixing it to be AWESOME!

OK I’ve been looking around more, and I’m confused about the difference between freestyle and street. Is street just freestyle and trials together? Or is it a subsection of trials?

freestyle is basically unicycle dancing (sorry to anyone who might take offense to that) street unicycling is like gapping stairs while throwing a crankflip or unispin. its alot smoother than trials and alot more flowy. a splined hub and crankset is called for in street and trials but definately not freestyle.

freestyle is not only unicycle dancing. It is also things like wheel walking, idling, standup tricks and tons of other stuff.

Street is a bit of a combination of freestyle and trials. It consists of stair gaps, grinds, footplant, unispins, crankflips, and twists.

Trials is well… trials.

Freestlye is more than just unicycle dancing…but i’ll let you find that out for yourself!

If you want the 05 you could only have to pay like $160.

I just have to say this. Trials should be just as flowy and smooth as street is.

Also, a lot of street videos I see on here, are just as bouncy and stuff as the trials videos I see one here.

Look at Shaun in Ill for smooth street, and look at Zack Baldwin in Defect for smooth trials. Thats how they should be done. =p

Thanks for pointing that out jerrick. I’v been wanting to butI didn’t want to soun like an asshole. Bu it’s true lotof new stret vids are just trials with aa crankflip off a set and uni spins here and tere. In my opinion the only place set up hops belong in street is some flatland. But thts just me.

I completely agree. zack baldwin is so smooth in his trials riding it’s almost impossible to match but on average, trials isn’t as smooth as street just because in trials you’re jumping straight up alot more than in street and trials isn’t judged by style while street is.

Freestyle is tricks on flat ground.

Street is like street bmx-ing or skating.