getting in the paper? asking for tips only from those that have been in.

id really like to get in the paper. im not so concerned with tv, ive done that, i just really want to get in the paper. for those that have done it, how did you get that media attention? did you email and ask? or jsut uni where they could see you? help wanted


You can call the newspaper office and talk to the sports editer, just ask if he would like to do a story on extreme unicycling, etc. Usually their happy to have a good story like that. We’ve done it a couple times. You can arrange a meeting place to take pictures, do whatever.

Just riding in a noticable spot isn’t very likely, although one time I was unexpectedly stopped by a reporter while I was just riding around town.

yeah, i was gonna put about just calling them up, but my internet restarted :astonished:

But if you tell them about it im sure they would be pretty pleased to do it

tell them you know me!! that’s bound to work!

Look at the list of journalists that should appear in a box somewhere in the paper. Decide which department is likely to be most appropriate, then contact them. If you are riding in some event that will be of local interest (a fun run or a charity ride, for example) then so much the better.

My first two unicycling appearances in the Bath Chronicle were by chance, when I just happened to ride in events that were covered by the local paper. The third was on Bath’s first “car free day”, and I contacted the paper in response to their request to hear from people who would be using interesting modes of transport to get to work.

The fourth occasion was my graduation from university. I wanted a professional photo of me riding in my graduation gown, so I phoned the paper and they sent a photographer.

I’ve made one unicycling appearance in the Chronicle since then, which was a matter of being in the right place at the right time (a journalist was invited to attend a hockey session, which I also happened to attend). There may have been more in papers that I didn’t get copies of, because they were the local papers for towns that I attended conventions at in distant parts of the country. I’ve missed other opportunities just because I couldn’t be bothered.

if i were to call for the request what should my words be?

some local papers, like mine, have a section devoted to people in the community. I wasn’t in it for unicycling, but I’m sure I could be, I was in it for my Rubiks Cube thing though.

maybe you should sound real sneaky, and disguise your voice, and tell them to be downtown at 3:30 on wednesday, and then they’ll expect to go see some big scandal, but instead theres a unicyclist, and they’ll be like, YES, this a zillion times better!!

I’ve just uploaded most of my unicycling appearances to a gallery, if you’re interested:

Most of them are over 10 years old, and they show me with a full head of hair, which is nice. Unfortunately, in the sedan chair picture all you can see of me is a wheel in the far corner.

i called em on like friday or thursday and now tomorrows wednesday. should i call back or wait? i dont want to bug em. i left a message before

Call back, definitly. If they’ve waited this long they’re not ever going to do anything.