getting hit by cars?

I see how you got your name.:wink:

I know it’s scary. Just think, “Every car is a hazard” and keep eyes open.
I don’t mind riding in town but I don’t like long commutes in traffic.
I’m a MUni rider. I’d much rather face the hazards of the trail.

Yeah, I’ve been called crazy for many reasons.

Yup, but the thing that I was angry about was that the car was stopped and then after I started going it started accelerating towards me.
I completely agree with you about MUni over urban. On the trail, at least I know a tree won’t try to kill me.

Never use pedestrian crosswalks, they are unsafe. A green walk symbol means that cars turning left and right might have green lights but they are supposed to “yeild” to you. I avoid pedestrian walkways at all costs because they are flawed in design (at least out where I am and almost every other metropolitan area outside of the main city). Green walk symbol can still mean that cars have a green light to turn left or right, it only means that cars on the road you are crossing have a red, but you never know what those people turning with green lights are going to do or if they are going to see you.

The safer thing to do is to ride with traffic in the road. The 3 times I have almost been hit (close calls) have been while using pedestrian crosswalks. They are accidents waiting to happen and obviously designed by impatient motorists who don’t want to have 20 seconds of everyone having red so pedestrians can safely cross.

I can’t do that because I’m on a 20" and I’m just too slow to ride with traffic. It’s kind of strange but I do many long distance rides on a 20". Up to 10 miles.

Undoubtedly if you do that, and the cops get involved you will have to pay for any damage done to the car. What makes you think they will be on your side? I think old ladies will automatically get more credibility than young unicyclists with the cops. Especially with something as unprovable as a near miss.

I find it interesting to note that in all the accidents involving unicycles being hit/nudged by cars, nobody has said how important helmets are. I personally don’t think helmets are anywhere near as important as shoes for protection, because in so many instances I land on my feet, and I’ve never landed on my head. I’ve had a few close calls where slow moving cars are supposed to give way and don’t seem to see me, but never been hit.

I think unicyclist get hit less than bikes partly because there are less of us and we are a smaller target than bikes but also partly cos we stand out and are more eye-catching.

Well, if you were going over the pedestrian crossing, then you have the priority to go first. If you can make the uni hit the car look like an accident, I’d say, go for it. Don’t go crazy over it, just teach them a lesson;)

When a pedestrian has a walking signal, they have the right of way. No matter what, if a car hits a pedestrian in a crosswalk, it’s the driver’s fault. Cops can’t pick-and-choose who pays for the damage. It will be the driver. And judging by the way that lady drove she shouldn’t even have a license any more.

It’s risky, but I’m tired of almost getting killed. I’ve had to dodge cars at that intersection three times now, so I might just do it. And, if they try to drive away, there’s a good chance I’ll get their license plate number and then it’s a felony and prison time!

So far I only caused crashes between cars (by drivers who are looking at me in stead of the other traffic).

Last week I was almost hit by a beercan.

And today I was almost hit by a… RC airplane!

But cars? no.

Whoh! I missed that post, scary!

Just one question. What will this solve?

I would just cross the road in less busy areas. I also find it easier to cross roads at ares other than intersections. Ohhh… and another thing those buttons don’t work most of the time(pretty sure). I know a lot of the intersections where I live are timed and letting a pedestrian cross the street would mess up the synchronization. I think their placed their just to give pedestrians a sense of control.

I don’t know. But what else should I do? Keep dodging cars driven by horrible drivers?

And so far I’ve found that from the three cars that have almost hit me, two were drivers on their cell phones and one was a very old lady. I might have to agree with the “no cell phone while driving in California” law. Cell phones cause people to lose focus of the road, and pedestrians (on unicycles).

Just pick out drivers that look like potential dangers and try and avoid them.

I haven’t acually “almost” gotten hit but i have driven through a busy street when with a fast car coming towords me (which :astonished: scared me) but it wasn’t close
I always go on backstreets.

I hit cars in my sleep(Quite litterally).

Just imagine that every driver in the world is god awful and you have to put as much distance as possible between their giant scrap heap and your precious, fragile, boney body. I’m glad you didn’t get creamed but there’s a million more idiotic drivers out there, so just be extra careful. Around the campus here you’ll get a ticket for not walking your bike in a crosswalk, so you might want to consider walking your unicycle. You can stop faster (instead of having to dismount) in case some half blind driver breaks the law and decides they can make the turn before they think you’re close to them.

Last year I was riding my 36" on a cycle lane parallel to a regular road (we have those a lot in the Netherlands). A car comes out of a drive-out. This is from the bureau of driving tests, and sure enough this is such a test-car. Double brake pedals, double clutch pedals, more mirrors etc. You know what I mean?

The instructor (who is on my side, as I am approaching from their right) sees me I’m sure, she looks into my eyes. The pupil (whom I can’t see clearly) apparently sees me as well because the car stops properly before the cycle path. However, just as I am to cross in front of the car, it pulls out to cross the cycle path. I brake and steer “with” the car’s direction of movement but can’t avoid a collision. I slam into the right door at moderately low speed and fall. The car stops. Amazingly, the instructor (who is legally responsible) stays in the car, and sends the pupil out to me. The girl is very nervous and explains that she really didn’t see me etc. I seem to have no injuries, and the unicycle is fine too. I hope that I scratched the instructor’s car with my pinned pedals although I forgot to check- what a jerk!

Not everyone is as fixated on helmet use as you and your B.F.F. Ian.

…because your brain is in your left foot?

Ah! So your experiences dictate what will happen to thousands of other riders. Of course. :roll_eyes:

I usually do, but that driver had been completely stopped when I turned around to check right before crossing. Next time I’m just going to avoid that intersection. It’s a temporary intersection where two HUGE street meet by my house, one of the streets is actually a highway that was diverted for constuction of a bridge. So it was already dangerous and now they have a construction zone and temporary street lights. It’s a bad mix.

I’m glad you’re okay, klaas bil. Those driving students would be the worst drivers to be around while riding a unicycle.