getting hit by cars?

hello i got hit by some fat guy in a van coming out of tim hortons some how he was driving drinking a coffee in one hand and calling some body on other hand…no wonder he hit me hehehe. but it was more like a nudge. i am very aware about my surroundings i saw him slowed down he looked like he stopped to let me go then BUMP that sucker hit me! i’m fine no injuries or bruises. by the way i’m not whining or something like that but just wondering if anyone else been hit by a car serious injuries or none at all (luck fully like me :slight_smile: )

People get run over all the time

I’ve been nudged by a car to, but it was more my fault and I was on a skateboard. Every day is a blessing.:slight_smile:

For future reference: If you’re looking closely enough to notice a driver is drinking coffee and talking on the phone (now illegal in California), don’t ride in front of them and assume they’re going to notice. :slight_smile:

In Canada this is known as a “check”
…or “cheque” if you’re French Canadian.

Should have pulled up his jersey and dropped your gloves.


Only on my b*ke, a number of times, no injuries. The best one was the right-turner turning into me with a cop are behind her, that was classic. Got a new front wheel out of it. Although, I wouldn’t have needed one if she didn’t hit me.

I punch cars, you gota be the first to strike :wink:

Yep, I went to cross a dual carriageway between cars at a standstill (on a crossing). As I crossed the second lane the car on one side began to move off. The car to my other side then set off as fast as he could straight at me. I turned and rode as fast as I could in the direction of the traffic with the nutter right behind me revving his engine. I couldn’t make the pavement as I was using everything just to keep ahead of his bumper.

When he slackened of slightly I made the gutter and as I pedalled along slowly, he wound down the window and him and his kid were both laughing. I called him a w**ker half under my breath, with which he then smacked his car sideways into me knocking me off on the kerb before driving off and swerving down a side road.

I was so mad I sat at the junction waiting to see if the one-way system would force him back around again. In my head I was picturing the headlines in the local paper ‘unicyclist arrested after smashing up car and assaulting passengers’.

I didn’t get his number but then, if I had, would you take a unicycle-related incident to your local police station?:frowning:

why not? It sounds like all you were doing was trying to cross the street when the light was red…

For sure! You have a right to ride without been hassled so much! That was just downright stupid, what that man did.

In this country it would be called something like an “assault with deadly force” incident. The unicycle had nothing to do with it.


Not that anything actually came of it - that would mean the police having to do some work.

i almost was hit on my unicycle about a month ago i was riding in a parking lot and was going around a corner and some lady was doing like 30 in the lot and came within 1 foot of me i had to jump off and into some bushes to avoid being hit. :astonished:

I wasn’t sure about posting this thread and broadcasting to the world (or at least the unicycling community) how stupid I am, but what the hell…

Also, let this be a warning of the dangers of drinking and riding (especially in an urban setting).

So I’m piss drunk and in a rush get somewhere, cruising on my Coker east on Delancey Street (which runs east and west) at about 11:30pm. As I was approaching Chrystie Street, I glanced uptown and noticed there was one car heading downtown that was about to cross the intersection, but there were no more cars behind him so I continued to pedal across the intersection as soon as that one downtown travelling car past me… without ever glancing downtown to see if there were any cars travelling uptown! I don’t know if because I was drunk, I was confused and thought I was crossing a one-way street, but needless to say… there was a car travelling in the left, uptown lane and I popped out from right behind the downtown travelling car straight into his path! He couldn’t have had much, if any, time to hit his brakes, but he did probably veer to the right a bit as he hit me. I don’t know how fast he was going, but it is a pretty major street, so it’s safe to assume he was probably going at least 30mph. I never saw him coming. The whole thing was actually quite surreal. One moment I was riding my Coker and the next minute I was standing in the street next to a car that appeared to have no damage and there is a man yelling at me. Everything happened so fast that my brain didn’t have time to process what had happened… plus being drunk didn’t help, either. After a few moments, I realized that I must have been hit by the car driven by this guy who is yelling at me. Damn, I was lucky to have just landed on my feet next to the car… but if this guy just hit me and I landed on his hood (at over 180lbs), how come there’s no damage to the hood – not even a small dent or scratch? And if there’s no damage, why is this guy so pissed off and yelling at me? My confusion dissipated when I looked at his windshield – which was shattered like a spider web! Apparently, he was travelling fast enough that my body never even touched the hood; I landed on the windshield which shattered and must have absorbed much of the impact… which also explained why I wasn’t the slightest bit injured or black and blue. Once I landed on the windshield (or perhaps as I was landing), he swerved to the right, which allowed me to fall off his car and land standing up right next to him… all in a split second. I believe the Coker saved my life (or at least serious injury) because it was essentially knocked out from under me by his bumper; had I been on a bicycle, I’m quite sure he would have slammed me down and run me over. Anyway, this guy wasn’t very happy with me, to say the least. Despite pissing him off and smashing his windshield, I did think he would ask me if I was ok (even though I landed on my feet and appeared to be fine), which he never did. I could tell how the story ended… but I’ve already embarrassed myself enough for one day! The important lesson to be learned is don’t drink and ride (at least in an urban environment where it’s easy to pay the penalty for your stupidity)! Or at least be very careful if you do…

Wow Ray, glad you walked away from that one. It’s all amazing, that you were able to ride drunk, you didn’t dent the car’s hood, yet smashed the windshield, landed on your feet and was not hurt.

Almost sounds like, if someone is going to drive dunk they should be on a Coker.

How’d the Coker make out?

Hope everything worked out ok.

I too have had been through the same scenario on a pushbike. I was a cycle courier at the time and woke up to find my bike had been nicked. I jumped on my girlfriends bike to go into town and get another one. As I set off from a traffic light with my head full of thoughts of my old (beloved) bike I looked to my left to see a car with all four wheels locked - he had been trying to run the light. My thoughts were ‘this is going to hurt, but you are going to basically be okay’ - and I relaxed (instincts are marvellous things) I then became a ragdoll who had their bike punted from under them and bounced up the bonnet, into the windscreen and off the roof. I hit the back of my head hard and put my hand to it. I mistook the hand covered with blood for important ‘inside head stuff’ coming from… inside my head. The windscreen of the car was smashed and sticking out the front of the frame by about a foot in one corner. The guy had jumped out the car and when I said I was okay (dazed, pre-blood) jumped back in the car and drove off. A passer by helpfully checked my head and showed me that the blood was from glass cuts further up my arm, not from the back of my head.

I went home and (unwisely) got hideously drunk, convinced that I needed to stay in as ‘these things happen in threes’ (bike nicked, accident, ???).

I believe that I was saved in small part by my instincts, but mostly by years of careful car design which anticipated that me and this tw@t might meet in such a fashion…

That’s pretty bad to run over somone and just leave them their. You are very lucky.

I haven’t been hit, the two attempts were in parking lots, so things were slow enough to avoid impact. One was my fault where I ended up wheel tip to front bumper of a car. For the moment not moving, not idling, just balancing there, looking down from the Nimbus36 at the surprised driver and passenger. I felt to blame and embarrassed, but by the time I turned and rode off, it occurred to me, seemed funny, how much damage I would have done to the car, and that it looked like a rather soft place to land. Luckily I didn’t find what the cost of the damages could be.

i got hit on a bike by a full size ford truck going 20mph… it destroyed my mom’s bike.

There’s an intersection by my house and I’ve almost been hit three times while trying to cross it. The most recent one was about an hour ago (why I found this thread). So what happened was I pressed the button, waited for the walking light, and when I got it I looked to my left and saw a car waiting to turn right but it wasn’t moving yet. I pushed off into the intersection and heard a car behind me so I turned around and saw the same car starting to make a turn right toward me in the lane. I jumped back and fell off the unicycle back onto the sidewalk to avoid getting hit as it missed me by inches. The car slowed down and I looked in the window. It was an old lady (about 80 years old) and she saw me and actually smiled. She smiled. Not bothering to check if I was hit, she sped off.

Next time I almost get hit I’m going to jump back and push my unicycle into their car as hard as I can. Undoubtedly I will do damage and they will pull over, then the cops will get involved and the driver will have to pay for a new one. I really just don’t care anymore. If people are going to be stupid and not see pedestrians, they’re going to pay. Besides, my uni isn’t custom or anything. If I had a KH or a K1, I’d think twice before throwing it into a car.