getting from Idaho to Moab

its kinda beginning to look like I’ll be able to go to Moab (: except for the money issue. how is anyone getting from anywhere in the Northwest to Moab? are any of the SARS riders going? if someone is driving, and could give me and my unicycle a ride, I’d be willing to help them pay for part of the gas money to get down there…the problem would be convincing my parents that someone who could give me a ride isn’t an insane axe murderer out to get unicyclists. but that shouldn’t be too hard.

ill probably be going. then i can meet you and forrest. good luck. if you cant get there, try mowing lawns or something desperate and fly out.


Bad Boy


THats what

i want to know if anyone can give me a ride…and no one was replying, perhaps they didn’t see the thread, so i bumped it once. if you can’t give me a ride, don’t reply to the thread, kthxbye

There is nothing wrong with a bump, there are so many threads these days and really who looks beyond page one…

Bump away* my good friend.

*in moderation