Getting chucked off of spots!

Ok, heres the scene:

Its a Thursday night, 9.00pm. Im riding on some marble ledge things, with a small set of stairs in between, there are two BMXers riding with me. Im riding some trials on the ledges and the rails that are around and the bikers are hitting some lines. Across the pavement is a crap pub, there is barely anyone going in and out, except the bouncer who has been watching me quietly for the last half hour.

Some little guy that looks like he thinks he is ‘well hard’ bowls up to the bouncer and shakes his hand and greets him. They talk for a few minutes, then this little guy walks in front of one of the bmxer’s mid-line and says something to the effect of piss off from in front of the pub. They groan and protest but leave. Then the guy rounds on ME! He says that its dangerous and I could hurt someone! THERE IS NO-ONE AROUND! ITS NINE O’CLOCK ON A THURSDAY NIGHT! IS THIS GUY BEING SERIOUS? I say that im hardly going fast enough to do anyone an injury, he snaps back ‘Don’t get clever with me!’

Im convinced he was some stupid little busy body from the council. I would have stood there an argued back but I was on my own and he looked pretty aggressive.


Its so annoying when you get chucked off of somewhere.

So, where have you been chucked off of? Did you argue back? Post your stories here!

Rock on!

I’ve been chucked out of schools, and malls. I hate it.

When I ride in the CBD, security always kicks us off stuff. They are nice about it normally, we just ride somewhere else and go back later.

I’v been kicked off stuff by shop owners, park managers and just random people on the street. I’v also had the cops called 3 times. And been kicked off a campus by the principle.

Damn pet shop lady…

i get kicked out of this business campus all the time. and they dont allow unicycles in the skate park

i got kicked outta grand central station. guy was pretty nice about it tho

he i got chased by a security guy in our ‘mall’ wjilst riding on the new travelators (sort of ground moving escelators like at the airport) he did not catch me and they are now looking at taking a restraining order out on me, which is the same place kmart is located so i might not be alowed in to work :frowning:

but most of the Authorities around here are interested and just ask me questions. we have no trials bike/unicycle or any really good street skateboarders anyway so they do not know how to react when i am seen.

although i got kicked out of the surf shop for unispinning off there bench (the fact that i didn’t land fueled that desicion, they where all for it untill i scratched there new floor with my peddles)

got kicked off the college campus. the security guard had no clue what to call the unicycle’s so he repetedly called them ‘those things’.

There just jelious of the skill :wink:

I must say, I agree with this. Especially if the park doesn’t allow BMX either.

i got kicked out of… well my school (well the unicycle did, they were pretty keen on keeping me in lessons)

just outside school a few times, a car park (WTF???), jumping near a war memorial (i wasnt even on or touching the damn thing)

but i’ve been told off loads, the most stupid was in a deserted car park, there was a concrete bench kinda thing and this women told me to go away. So i told her i was disturbing no one and that she could go on her merry way without having to disturb me. Later on this cop walked past and told me that a lady had told him i was being a nuisance.

He seemed to find unicycling well cool and told me as long as no cars were around and that i was damaging nothing it was fine. He even stayed and watched me for abit :smiley:

Thats stupid, if a bmxer can hurt people by bumping into them. A unicyclist cant.

hehe that reminds me of a story…
I was riding at my favorite (and only) spot which is a new fancy church. Anyways the minister guy lives in a house like 100’ away led up by a sidewalk. In the past he only smiled and waved then one day he decides to be a prick and walks around the corner when I grind a slowly slanted handrail ad rips me right off and I fall and he is all like “if you keep this up you’ll hurt some one” and I told him “dude, you just rupped me there off that rail” then he threw my uni and I ran to grab it and he was sayin he’d call the fuzz on me and walked away. So he was an asshole so I was an asshole back and proceded but fliped the benches and played on that and he come back and started to chase me so I ride withou thinking and hang a left right in to the church. rode down a set of stairs up a ramp (a long, tiring one) and he was still on my ass. I hit a four set rail and rode out the back door and boom right there, he stood. So I pushed him and hid in a ditch and not ten minutes later heard the coppers. They ran into me and I was like “Oh shit” and they pulled me over. Being good I stopped and he said “hey you, with one wheel… your tyre’s low,” and he filled my tyre.

This was so weird it felt like a movie or somthing. It was cool though. And now that there minister/pastor guy just waves and smiles. Ii think he has some sort of mental disorder. Anyways that’s my best getting kicked off story:D

I’ve been chucked off my own unicycle. :astonished:

just get used to it i ride handrails on snowboards and thats ten times as worse as if you ride unis because when they kick me and my buddies out we have to shovel the snow we used back where we found it your gonna get thrown out because normal pedestrians dont want you there. ive found the best way to keep from getting thrown out is to bring a hat and stick like 2 bucks worth of change in it that makes people think your just street performers and they wont bother you usualy

i just may have to try that.
and yes ive been kicked out of many a school

They kicked me out of a funeral once.

I was only riding on the empty pews, too…assholes.

A unicycle an assault weapon? I guess if you really wanted to could beat people with the tire in a blunt matter(double points for knobby tires!) or the pedals.

Theres a story, “Unicyclist gives serious trauma to a 35 year old man”
“beat him up with his unicycle after he was seriously provoked by the man”

But seriously what harm are we… a unicycle has so much more control then any other wheeled vehicle. In a way it becomes an extension of the body when mastered.

I’ve been just about pushed out of parking spaces by people in cars and trucks, even with plenty of other open spots very close by. Phil and I were kicked off a company parking lot downtown, and all of us here in SA were kicked off the post office steps and out of a hotel entrance area by security guards.

So it’s part of unicycling, and doesn’t have a lot to do with your age, unless 48 counts as still being a teenager :wink:

However, it does help to be really nice, and chat people up, and not to ride near really young or older folks. Waiting for people to get out of the way (sometimes it takes a loooong time) without getting angry or whatever seems to pay off bigtime.

Another thing that seems to help a lot is to volunteer to teach people to ride. That way people see that you’re willing to contribute to the area, not just take from it. Whether they take you up on your offer or not doesn’t really matter.

Also, if the stuff on which you want to grind or pedal grab looks expensive (like marble), just leave it alone and move to the next spot.