Getting children on a Uni

I love this forum, it’s been no end of help. I’ve been uni-ing for only 2 months but i’m already looking at getting a Muni. The only hitch is that I want to get my 6-year-old daughter into it too, so we can ride together. Maybe too optimistic perhaps? She’s a bit of a tom-boy and claims to like the idea of doing it.

What success (and failures) have you had? What bribes/incentives/threats were used?

Any special suggestions on teaching technique? Equipment ?(I have assumed that a 16" with a cut down post would be OK)

I really want her to try, but I know that the first few hours could totally put her off. And I know that she’s stubborn so once she decides she’ll do it, she will. and vice versa of course.

Thanks very much,

Mike Penton

I don’t have kids i am only 16 but this is my take on it…
To me it would seem much harder to get a teenager into unicycling as it’s not “cool” where as an under 10 is not as bothered well i was not anyway.
I can also see it being harder to get an under 10 to actually learn but by the sound of your daughter she would really like to try! Also with a unicycling father she can see what can be done on a unicycle and have a teacher.I never had that i started the same time as some people down the road i got far better then them and still am for example i can coast and glide ect ect the struggle to ride backwards(sounds big headed but i am not) until i met phil i had no one to show me how to do stuff. So good luck to you hope this helps in some small way…

Some teenagers think its very cool.
I’m 15, i have two friends who are 14 and ride. I got another friend who is 15 and can ride but doesn’t own his unicycle.

I agree that most teenagers first reaction to unicycling is that its not cool. When they find out a bit more about it (ie watch universe 2, or watch us do tricks) many thinks its cool as such. Then there are the idiots who will diss you no matter what…

When i “grow up” i want to have 3-4 kids and i want to teach them all to unicycle as young as possible - 4 years + i guess

I am really annoyed because of the fact i only started when i was 15. Its really annoying to think about how good i would be if id started at 8 or something. Thats why i want to start my kids off at an early age so they can be really good.

O i did not mean i did not think unicycling was i did and know a few people who think it is to. I think alot of people think it’s a circus thing but once they see pictures of ryan and geff or kris they do see it’s pretty damn cool!
I started when i was 15 it’s a cool age to start NO offence to younger people ok i know some can so some crazy stuff, but for trials and muni it’s a great time you can ride 24"s and you can go much further then when your little and you have the strength for trials.

I have 2 kids aged 5 & 6. They have had access to a suitably sized Uni for the last 3 years (I was lucky to up a 16" & 18" at a car boot sale).

The 6 year old has good balance (they both started stilt walking aged 3) but is terrified of hurting herself, and is stubborn!

My technique is to just leave the unicyle in the house from time to time and let them play when they want. We go out the front when they ask. Both would refuse if forced.

Generally she is not that interesting in riding at home, yet take her to a Uni-meet and she will spend a lot of time practising, they both like the company of learning with other riders.

I get the impression they tell their school friends they ride, which is nearly true as she can ride across a hall holding my hand.

The 6 year old is small for her age and is now using the 18".


Three cheers!

I learned with my daughter and it was a wonderful experience that we still draw on. It was fantastic for our relationship and we had some really great, quality time that we spent together, learned together, played together, etc. Really great!

Now she is hopelessly (and temporarily) lost in the abyss of adolescence but we, through unicycling, created a bond and imprinting that will serve our relationship for the rest of our lives.


One idea: get her to a club where other kids her age are riding. Bring some toys that she likes and let her just hang out and do whatever she likes. Chances are pretty good that she’ll relax and learn from the other kids.

Good luck and take it slowly.

Having taught my daughter who is eight to ride a pony. Would I attempt to teach her to ride a unicycle, umm the probable answer to that would be no.

Reason being that I feel I’m not properly equipped, if I had a unicycle in one of those frames that tilts then yes I would have a go.


hmmm… all good food for thought.

like as I suspected, some sneaky subliminal hypno-suggestion sounds like the best method. That way it’s all her idea!



It’s 2 weeks of school holidays today Nick, you could get started on those kids…

…Or you could make up for the fact that you didn’t ride when you were 8 by riding every day in the next 2 weeks.

I’m thinking about it…

Operation HU here i come.

(holiday unicycling)

There is a guy named Jason who had a lot of success with his boy, MUniman. If you do a search on MUniman, you can find those threads.

I think he was lucky. My 6 year old has had access to a sized uni for over a year. He will pull it out of the garage probably every 2 months and try to mount it and then ask for help. We go up and down the sidewalk one time, with me holding him upright. I’ll say, “Let’s try that again.” Generally, he responds with, “I am done.”

It’s a bummer for me, as I would like him to ride, but I don’t push it on him. I hope that he will become more motivated to ride, eventually. He sees me ride and knows I ride. He has seen Universe I and II tons of times, yet it has not been inspirational for him to start.

He’s six…

I got two other boys, I hope will ride, one 5 and the other 9 months. Right now, I just hope.

Good luck.

Just bought one for my 7 year old

I bought one of the youth models (20") off of along with the videotape of teaching a child how to ride. When I return from Kosovo back to Germany and my family in August, it is my present to him. I hope that we have a good experience with learning and the tape should help.

My boy is seven and I hope that he learns because I feel that it is a valuable skill to have.