Getting better... Thats what it's all about.

Well, I was out for a nice long ride around my place. I did mainly trials stuff. First off, I got up on to some stuff that I have never been able to get on before. That is always is a nice feeling. Instant feedback is always nice, and it is someting that unicycling tends to offer. I found some cool rocks in the form of a wavebreaking barrier that starts out on land and sticks out into water. I rode some of the rocks, which are awesome because some are fairly easy and some are very, very hard. Also, there are some gaps. I did gaps from 0 to around 30 or 40 cm. Some of those had fairly big drops in between them… Kinda scary. Skills wise, my hop height is getting better and my hops are getting smoother (or at least I think so). I can also land twisting hops up to around 180. A first for today was hopping on to stuff SIF. I got onto something around 20cm high SIF, which was cool seeing as I have never tried to get on to stuff SIF. I owe a lot of that to praticing SIF inside on my old Norco while watching TV or whatever. I also got some distance in SIF… 5-10 meters maybe. A productive ride. The cool thing about unicycling is it offers so much to do. You can ride in the same area with not too much, but still have some fun trying all sorts of skills. Something very UNIque (bad pun) to the sport, eh? One of those things that makes unicycling one of the coolest sports ever.

For a random question: Where do you look when you are hopping on to stuff? Down, forwards, between down and forwards? Up?!?!

i tend to give a glace towards the object just before i hop onto it then i just kinda follow the uni up with my eyes till i connect.(or dont connect, whichever)

when I side hop I focus alot on my wheel… so I look alot at my wheel and once Im at 3/4 up I spot my landing…

I agree with the overall mood of the post - that’s pretty much my favorite part of unicycling (aside from the absolute ownage factor), is that I can learn all these new things in relatively little space, with relatively little to none extra items. Just give me a few curbs and a flat surface and really, I’m set for the day to learn all sorts of things and improve in so many areas.

As a side note, it always baffles me how all these people learned SIF hopping before SIF riding. I can ride SIF at least 50-100 meters (I could go longer if my calves didn’t go out after that length) and seat on stomach a good 20 meters at least and put the seat back in, but I can’t SIF hop at all, maybe about an inch on a good jump. :thinking: