Getting back to unicycles after 30 years

I rode an old Schwinn unicycle when I was a teenager and it was probably a 16-20" tire but don’t really know (or remember).

I’m 30 years older, 6’-5" tall, 37" inseam, 240lbs and want to start riding a unicycle again. I’m looking for a solid “re-starter” uni that can hold up to my size but won’t break the bank. Budget is in the $200-$400 range (plus brake cost if needed)

I plan on riding it around the hilly Arkansas forest trails that I ride dirt bikes and mountain bikes on. Just wanna have fun on it.

For my size, would a 24, 26 or 29 be good size for me?

Do I need or should I want a drag brake?

My hood is very hilly.

Any recommendation on which uni to look at?

You probably rode a 20" as a teenager. You can definitely get a good off-road uni for your budget; the Nimbus 24" is totally reasonable at $300:

You might want to upgrade the cranks to the KH Moments, which are bombproof, though the Nimbus Ventures aren’t terrible.

Similarly, the Nimbus 29" at $309 is a fine 29er option, although you’d definitely want to upgrade to at least the Venture cranks, and the WTB Stout tire.

Personally, I would go for the 24" if your trails are significantly technical (lots of rocks and drops), or the 29" otherwise. You might find the 29" intimidating at first because of the size, but long-term it’ll be more fun if the trails are flowy.

Some people will tout the 26"; the 26" is pretty much a slightly bigger 24", while the 29er is a noticeably different unicycle.

I would not bother with a brake at this point.

Good luck!

Since you already know how to ride, I would recommend a 26" Nimbus. This is in your price range. I always recommend a brake for hilly areas, but that is a very personal decision. Check out UDC for their various off road unicycles. Look up Brycer1968. He has good Magura brakes for much less money than UDC.

Be careful though. You will start collecting unicycles. They just multiply.

The Nimbus Munis get rave reviews on that site and is just in my price range. Looks like a good choice guys.

Unicycle has a Torker DX for around the same $. Is the Nimbus a “better” muni that the DX?

The Nimbus has more options which I like :smiley:

Also, my riding area is very rocky and technical so a smaller wheel sounds better for around here. It’s so rocky, now you got me thinking that maybe I need to go back to a 20" for a “re-starter” uni :astonished:

A fun experience is what I’m after so I’m still reading and pondering.

I appreciate the information and good tips on the brakes. Thanks.

I’d get the N-24 Muni. Most people like 150 cranks. !65’s would give more torque an control for climbing, tech bits and eliminate any need for a brake, but is more likely to clip a pedal on a rock on the 24. If you decide to get a 26, I’d get 165 cranks.

The Nimbus is a little more $ (edit- the N is now less, they might be clearing them out for their new stock) than the Torker and a bit better in multiple ways. Since they are so close in price, I’d definately get the Nimbus.

If you intend to drops of 3+ ft, I’d upgrade to the Moment cranks, or if you want the double holes.
Edit 2: their crank options for the Moments isn’t good right now. They just got in a shipment and prob haven’t cataloged them yet.

The DX is a reasonable uni; it doesn’t really differ much from the Nimbus.

You don’t want to be riding MUni on a 20"; get a 24" for rocky, technical stuff.

The Nimbus 24" Muni it is, then. It looks sturdy and after reading a lot of posts, it sounds like a great Muni for the price.

About the 150mm moment cranks. They sound like a good choice given my weight and size. Does UDC allow any crank swap they have in stock with a purchase, like the 125/150 moment crank?

They show the 110/125 as an option but not the 125/150. I think it would be fun to have the 125 position for a few dollars more if it’s available.

Generally they’re pretty good about swapping in whatever. Enjoy.

Thanks for the help. I’m really looking forward to calling them Monday and getting one on the way.

Woo hoo! UPS is telling me that my 24" Nimbus Muni is going to be here Friday. Just in time for three days of petal biting practice :astonished:

Got the Nimbus 24" uni on Friday and it’s a sweet machine and a great choice. KH saddle, 125/150 cranks and the 400mm post that I had to cut off about 1" to fit me. Bought the KH leg armor and hillbilly half finger gloves/wrist wrap and they have already saved me some pain the past few days.

What is a good 24" tire for urban riding? The local parks have miles of paved trails and acres of freshly mowed grass that appear to be great training areas. The Duro knobby is a bit “grabby” in the rough grass and it keeps throwing me but my lack of muscle memory probably has more to do with it. I’d like a smoother tire while I get my skills up then switch back to the Duro later.

I see options in 24" like the Kenda Flame, Hookworm, Holy Roller and the Halo Twin Rail tires in the order of widest to narrowest.

Any recommendations?

Is there a minimum width for the N-24 uni I need to use?

Also, I’ve noticed my “thinking” is changing. I’m a dirt biker and normally see every side trail or forest road as a new opportunity with unlimited possibilities. The last few days, I have been driving around seeing potential places to practice uni or places I dream of riding the uni one day. It’s like another dimension has revealed itself!