Getting back to Seat In

Hey all!
One thing I’ve been working on lately is trying to ride Seat in Front (SIF). I’m practicing this on my 20” wheel, as it seems to be the easiest to learn on, and I’ve lowered its saddle about an inch for now to facilitate this move. So far I can ride to a stall, begin hopping, and then transition to SIF. Once I have the seat out I can hop indefinitely, and I’ve just recently had some success riding seat out. Also, just yesterday I figured out how to do a jump mount to SIF.

My question is simply, how do I get the seat back in? My problem is that the seat keeps getting caught on the crotch of my shorts when I try to push it back between my legs. I’ve managed to do it only a couple times, and only when I’m wearing my least baggy shorts, and then only when I pull the waistband up above my navel before the attempt. This doesn’t seem like a practical solution, (though my wife seemed to think it was freakin’ hilarious). :o

I don’t wear excessively baggy shorts, and this doesn’t seem to be a problem for other riders on videos I’ve seen. Has anyone else had this problem? What am I missing here?

Wear Speedo ! People are always making fun of unicyclist and if you wear a speedo the jokes will seem justified.

I don’t have a real answer. Before I hurt my knee I was practicing riding and hopping sif but didn’t get good enough to have to bring it back. My trials 20 seat is pretty low so I might not have trouble.

Do something comparable to what you do when you initially mount the unicycle. As you’re going back to seat in, put one hand (your dominant, normally on the handle hand), near the front of the seat, stand up as tall as you can on the pedals, and then use the other hand to pull everything up and out of the way of the saddle as you bring it back in.

Oh, I’m so jealous… I was just getting to where I wanted to try to pedal seat in front. I think a lower seat seems to be one key, if I were to just guess. Really, I have no idea, I’m just jealous and glad to see you making progress.

Also, try to kind of bow your legs as you bring the seat back in. The back of the seat is super wide compared to the rest of the saddle. When pulling it out, your legs are already slightly spread from being on the saddle. When you go to put it back in, your legs, especially at your thighs and crotch, are much closer together than when you’re riding seat in. Put a little bit of conscious thought into spreading your legs when trying to put the seat back in.

All of the above, plus get up on the balls of your seat so you sit as tall as possible. You’ll probably need to get in this configuration before you get to SIF as its hard to make that adjustment after. Also, make the transition with your cranks horizontal so you are at max height. Pause for a fraction of a second, up on your toes and slide the seat under you. As stated earlier you still nave to use your free hand to clear your pants out of the way.

Getting there!

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Between getting on my toes, bowing my legs, and performing “The Scoop” I was able to pull this off a couple times last night. It’s still gonna take some work, but I can now see the light. Thanks again!

Here’s a Michael Jackson crotch-grab compilation video for your enjoyment.

I have the same problem. My seat is already really high. Some shorts have a rise which is too long. It helps to wear a belt and keep the shorts pulled up a little bit. Going from SIB (seat-behind) to SI can also be a challenge. I ride my 19" with smooth pedals and with my feet positioned on the pedals closer to the toes; this helps. But, sometimes, especially when my shorts have slid down a bit, doing a Michael Jackson (after making sure no one’s looking) is the only solution (short of wearing just bike shorts and no outer shorts, which is too embarrassing for me).

just lower your seat a bit! :slight_smile: