Getting back in to it

Hello All,
New member. As a kid (11-13) I was in a club and rode in shows and parades.
I am now 35 and I want to start riding again for exercise after a 20yr. hiatus.
I eventually want to do some distance riding. Any recommendations for make, model, wheel size would be appreciated. I’m 6’3", 220lbs. and don’t want to spend more than $200.

That’s kind of difficult… Distance riding is better on a big wheel. Learning is better on a small wheel. Maybe a 26" as a compromise? Or maybe it would just be difficult to learn on and unsatisfying for long distance… Is buying one uni now and another in a few months an option?

Look at Clubs and Torkers are supposed to be good. I learned on a Sun Flat Top.

What club, if I may ask? I was in a few myself.

I recommend a two-tiered approach. Start with a cheapie, to get back into it. This is assuming you don’t still have your old one. If you do, just get it out and find out you can still ride within a few minutes (true for most people). Then after you’ve done some riding, you’ll have a better idea where you want to go from there. For road riding there are basically two sizes, 29" and 36". And tons of threads here comparing those, so lots of available reading and opinions already here.

If you really want to rack up miles, get the 36". Unless you want something easier to store and handle, then the 29".

Looks like you used to be pretty proficient on the unicycle as a kid. based on other people’s comments about coming back from a long hiatus you should pick it up again really fast.

If you want to do some distance and haven’t ridden in a while I would go for a 29er. 36 might be a bit much to re-learn on, though the KH36 is on sale at UDC right now…

Thanks for the replies. I now have a good start for some research.

John, I don’t remember the name, it was a small local club in Palm Beach County, FL.