Getting another uni

My birthday is coming up and I was just thinking about getting some new parts but now that all the K1 uni’s are on sale I’m thinking I might try to get one of those. The only thing is that I don’t know which one I should get. Right now I just have a regular KH 20 '07. What would be a good uni to get?

New Uni

Sorry to be harsh but you need to be more alot specific if you want any serious advice.

  1. Are you buying another 20’ trials, why when you can get a muni, 36er or another style of riding? you didn’t mention what size you want or what style riding you want to do

  2. When you mention you like K1, do you want to get a K1 20" when you currently have a 07 KH 20"? why?

We would love to help you out and pass on experiences, but so many newbs post on here “what unicycle I should get/is better” and don’t talk about what style they want to ride. This really annoys all the long time users here cause is been said hundreds of times. Search out info using the search function for what you are interested in and there will be plenty of info available without having to post

Yeah, sorry you’re right I totally wasn’t specific.

I do want to get another 20", I was thinking about getting a 36er but that’s just why to much money right now. Also I would really like to learn to ride flat, I can already to a few lame things like crank rolls.

From looking around a little more I’m looking at the Black Domina II, the Alien Backflip, or the Green spirit since those are made for flat. I just don’t really want to make a mistake of buying something that’s really expensive that isn’t at all right for me. Hopefully that helped and I’ll keep looking around.

just buy RolloDisks for your KH20 if you want to do flat, and why another 20" when your aleready have a KH20?

That’s true… I didn’t think of the rollo disks

Rollo disks, carbon fiber seat base, new paint job, fresh pedals, another crank size, all things you can do/get for your current uni.

if you get rollo disks, a cf base and new pedals (would be about $130 or so)

It’ll feel like you have a new unicycle.

Especially if you paint it as well, although that takes a bit more effort.

36ers are sick id recommened it since u have kh20. its a totally different experense and your huge i ride 20 29 and 36… 20 for trials 29 for muni and 36er for looking badass and speed :slight_smile: but yeah look aroudn for a used 36er i got mine for like 250 and its the oringal “the Big One” from coker and get a a bunch of crap for your kh nothings wrong with a kh07 id love to have a kh :slight_smile:

Is the KH 20 better then the Nimbus ISIS trials? I want one for street, flat and some trials. I might get a good uni soon. I have a 16" Torker. :stuck_out_tongue:

A KH is definately beter then a Nimbus .

Looks like the KH20 that I saw on sale is out of stock now, darn. If I find one for a good price, might get it!