Getting Another Nimbus

I have a Nimbus 29er that I’m going to sell. For whatever reason it just doesn’t suit me. I don’t enjoy riding it as much as my Nimbus 24 Muni. Once it’s sold I’m not sure if I should get a Nimbus 26 Muni for the longer trail rides or get a Nimbus trials uni. How much more speed can I expect to get out of the 26 vs the 24? Will it make much of a difference on the longer rides? If not I’ll probably get a nice trials unicycle. Thoughts?

I think you should go with the trials. It’s more of a difference from the 24" than the 26" is. Also trials is really fun and it’s not easy on a 24" or a 26".

Right now I have a Nimbus collection that I’m building up. I’ve even got a 24" being delivered right now.

I’d go for the trials to try something new. I do a little of everything though, so my opinion is probably very biased.