getting annoyed with tricks...

does anyone else have those bad days when you just cant land any trick :thinking: im getting to the point that i just throw my unicycle on the floor and leave it :angry:

most days i can land them fine, i just get these bad days…

Form is temporary. Class is permanent.

Everyone has good and bad days. I think part of the skill is knowing when you’re having a bad one and leaving it alone. Go away, do something else you enjoy and come back to it when you’ve calmed down. I used to get really angry and throw my unicycle about and it never got me anywhere. Got a fair few bruises from it bouncing back and hitting me and have broken a few components that way too.

I threw mine against a wall and bounced back and hit my sister and i landed the trick after i quit laughing

You know you are consistent with a trick when you can even land them on those bad days.

this made me laugh:D

it was super funny. when my mom asked how she got a bruise on her cheek i told her and i she laughed to. or when i wrecked yesterday and i went THUMP my neibors call me THUMP now lol

Hey Thump, I hope she’s not like 4 years old…

THUMP… that’s funny.

no shes 8 haha. i told her to leave the garage while i was practicing and she didnt so mom told her she could stay but if she gets hurt dont cry

^^^ That’s so awesome. I wish my unicycle had those kind of bouncing skills :roll_eyes:

Gah. I just had one of those days where nothing seemed to go right. I’ve never gotten mad about it though. Usually on days like today where I stink it up I get a bit depressed, like I’ll never “make it.” Today felt like a setback.

I even wanged my right shin - which is a first today. Funny, I create a topic on a few boards earlier in the day looking for some leg armor advice and I end up getting a pedal bite (nothing severe) during my ride later that day. It’s a sign.

The leg armor is now in the mail. Where can I order some skill? Overnight shipping is preferred since I have a ride tomorrow.

Don’t blame the unicycle. Why do people take it out on the unicycle?

Yeah, right. Like we all haven’t done that at least once. Or a few times. Or a lot…
When stuff isn’t working, change the category of what you’re practicing. If you’re trying to learn hopping-type skills, work on some smooth-rolling skills. Or even stillstands. Change it up.

It’s all in your mind, like Murphy’s Law. If you normally wear gloves all the time but you forgot them this one time, that’s the time you’ll fall and grind up your palms. But how much of that was because you were aware of not having the gloves?

Some things you just can’t buy. That’s part of why being able to ride a unicycle is so cool.

Man I wish my mom would say that.

haha. learn from your mistakes. if she wold of made her go away she would of came back any way :smiley: