Getting an orange bud in the US

I sent a quick email to the renegade ppl asking about the orange bud price and getting diff. cranks on a track monster. This is the email I got back:

The way we now sell the devil uni’s with the base price of $395.00, you can pick any parts from the blueberry, white widow, devil, or gold edition, orange bud and Dan Heaton. For a orange bud as show on the Koxx-one site the price is below, and what parts you have upgraded. This will be on our web-site next week.

135 cranks ( upgrade from issi crank) + $40.00, butterfly pedal ( upgrade for devil pedal) +$60.00, orange bud frame ( upgrade from black devil frame) +30, and orange bud seat
(upgrade from red/balck devil seat)+10.00. So the price is $395.00 plus $140.00 in upgrades so the price is $535.00

If you went with all standard devil parts you could get a orange bud at a lower price. A orange bud with standard parts would be; base price $395.00 (orange bud frame up grade $30.00, orange bud seat upgrade $10.00) so it would be $435.00.

For the track monster you can get it white/without the brake, and select any rim color. Our web site price is with the brake.

You can always pick the crank length at no extra charge on any unicycle. We do not have the road monster at this time, maybe in a few months, when we get our next order in.

thanks tom renegade

Just thought I’d share this with 'yall since the orange bud is such a cool uni. I’ve been considering getting a 24 and I’m also wondering if anyone thinks the road monster would be a good choice for me. I’ve also looked at the Track monster and the KH 24 (Who’s got a price from AE bIKES?)

edit: WOAH! Only 40 bucks more for the street cranks but 60 bucks more for the butterfluys

That’s really good to know because I know Jonny was thinking about getting an Orange Bud.

I don’t remember exactly, but the KH24 at aebike was either $419 or $429, plus a whopping $7.50 to ship it. Flippin’ sweet deal.

I hope you guys can understand that. I’m not sure that I get it completely. :thinking:

What don’t you get?

i find it silly that anyoen would pay to get the frame painted in horrible kaky green… also i cant get over why people like those butterfly pedals…

but never mind ehehe

The part about the Track monster with a white frame for one. (whatever color wheel you want sounds sooo cool. :sunglasses: ) Then, I thought the orange bud had a different bigger wheel than the devils and it’s the reinforced rim. Then, how can an orange bud be an orange bud with standard devil parts? :thinking:

I agree about the pedals, but the khaki green frame does look cool on the orange wheel and with a camo seat. The DH pro street clear coat frame is awesome though.

The orange bud has the same size wheel as the devil but the rim isn’t drilled. I dont see why anyone would spend 60 extra for those pedals, that is crazy.

Those Butterfly pedals are just overrated.
They have to mutch grip and die so fast that even a one day fly lives longer.
Sealed pedals suck overall, just buy some unsealed ones.


lol i didnt get bashed awesome… i agree the colour might be cool, but black is good enough for me.

Back to the point the rim is awesome possibly the only good thing… and for the seat well the camo… well personally i have the original devil and i love the red black colour, i prefer it to the kaki orange… the only thing i would like is the undrilled rim, but i wouldnt spend that much money on it, i’d just get a KH05 rim or get an 07 although id oubt they are much stronger than the tryall one even with teh better alumium.

What are the Koxx saddles like compared to other street saddles. Is it worth forking out the extra cash on one when the KH street saddle is quite a bit cheaper?

nope not really. the KH is a great saddle. ive ridden both and unless u want a certain color go with the KH. they feel alot like the same thing

i disagree i think the koxx saddles are nicer… but i guess their main advantage is the cool look.

What do the base(BLACK) Orange Buds look like?

i ordered one the other day…its coming in pretty soon…those guys at renegade are awesome.

their like the orange buds but black :roll_eyes:

I couldn’t find this, could you give a more exact link?


TM24 w/o brake

I called them about the price for the TM24 w/o the brake, but he (not sure who I talked to) said he would get back to me. He had to talk it over with someone.

The brake component seems to be relatively expensive, if purchased seperately… anyone care to guess how much the price should drop, sans brake?


My brother Bryan has the Koxx Orange Bud,
it is cool!!!,I will say that to say the least!!!

The magura brake with the stainless lines goes for $179.