Getting a valid warranty

I have a DX on the way from UDC right now, it’ll be here Wednesday! I’d planned on putting it together myself but I’d also heard that you need a bike shop to put it together for you so you can have them send in warranty claims for you. Another thread hinted at taking it into my lbs when I have it put together and have them tighten a screw so they can say they “put it together” and they can charge me $1 for that, then they’ll be able to send in warranty claims for me. What have other people done for this situation?

you can claim warranty on a DX? thats awesome, so u can break the frame and go, OMG that frame was bad… give me another one LOL

if i was you i’d just ask my lbs

That’s what I thought too. But I read this…

… from this thread…

And it got me thinking that maybe I should start thinking ahead in case I start having problems with cranks, bearings, etc. Cuz the frame is indestructible.

Seems to me that a bikeshop wouldn’t bother with the possible hassle of having to do warranty returns later on, for which they get no money, for your one dollar. It’s just not in their interest as a business.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. if you like your frame and it breaks, get it welded. on the other hand, if you start breaking frames it is time to upgrade to something stronger like a nimbus 2. that would save you the time and trouble of sending for a new frame and not being able to ride for a couple of weeks.
In short, ride the crap out of the DX frame. When it breaks, Upgrade.