getting a trials.

hey everyone, i’ve been meaning to get a Trials for quite a while now, but the problem is, i just no clue even where to start. I have broken roughly 3 regulars already (all torkers) fixed, but decided i needed something stronger to handle an occasional 3 foot drop/ lots of jumping.

any help is appreciated, i would like to only spend at most $500-600 USD
-can take falls
-what’s splined?

are we talking kris holm custom?


If you’re fine with spending $500-600, then the Kris Holm is the best option. If you’d rather spend less, then a Nimbus ISIS Trials with Kris Holm Moment Cranks would also be a great option.

Both are tanks, but like I said, the Kris Holm is awesome.

At that price, you could go with stock KH and be pretty happy.

Or, you could go with the Nimbus trials. Upgrade to KH cranks, which is only $30, but they are out of stock right now. Then have more money left over if you decide on changing the tire, different pedal, and one of the best upgrades to a unicycle, a CF seatbase.

Both options will be great.

EDIT: Great minds think alike. =p

is the kris holm heavy? i’m preferring lightweight (as i have the strength of a kitten)

Very light weight. One of the lighter stock trials unicycles made.

If you’d like an even lighter Kris Holm, then upgrade to Onza Tensile Cranks…