Getting a Trails Uni.

Hey guys.

I’m looking at getting a new unicycle, specifically for trails.

I searched the forums, and the new '07 Torker DX seems like the best option. The only question I have now, is whether I should get the 20 or 24 inch tire.

I know I can get the 20 inch for $250 on, with free shipping, and the 24 is about $275 everywhere I have seen it.

I’ve never ridden a 24 inch uni before, so I am biased toward the 20 inch.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Do you mean trails or trials? The answer i think will be fairly unanimously 24" and 20" respectively.

Here, I found this thread that should answer your question

If not, then just ask again.

uniredneck, that link did help. I’ve pretty much made up my mind on the 20 inch now.

Kington, I meant trails. Although,I guess I could of meant trials, as I don’t know what that is. Unless you are refering to a learner uni. In which case, the answer would be no, I’ve been riding freestyle for a while.

Thanks for the replys guys,


Do you mean Mountain Unicycling, or trials riding (e.g. hopping over obstacles)?

No problem, it’s just that 99% of the time when someone says trails they meant trials. For riding offroad, trails, cross-country etc. I would really reccomend the 24" wheel, the 20 is very slow and doesnt get over obstacles atall well.

Trials… Now that I know that is the correct spelling… Haha. It still looks wrong…

Trials. Like, street riding, hopping, jumping, griding, etc.

Lol, ok 20" wheel in that case, nice and light, manouverable, strong.