Getting a Torker...

the fact you know every other unicycle you ever buy will be better than the CX is it’s only advantage.


wow, is it really worth it then?

As I read, their quite lightweight – good for some basic jumping and freestyle.

Maybe stop trampling and give some good qualities, if there is at all any? I’ve read some of them. Yes, we understand they’re trash, but does they prevent you from learning?

if you want to learn to ride a unicycle and ride around short(ish) distances the CX is perfect for you.

if you want to drop off anything higher than a kerb or long distance, this is not for you.

Ok. But anyone who’s buying a uni for learning should still consider something else than CX, if possible. Like LX, for example – no big price difference (20$ or so). As I understood 90% suggestions were like that.

I’ve ridden over 7 miles non-stop on The Brick which is why I am currently saving for a new seat and a Coker

not true I’ve done 4 or 5 foot drops on my cx

Do about 50 of them then. It will NOT last unless you weigh like under 60 lbs.

My first uni was a “gravity” uni, which is basically equivelant to a cx. I did about 1 10" drop and immediately twisted the axle, but I weigh 165.

I’ve done plenty of 4 or 5 foot drops on my CX and weight 119-130 pounds depending on the time of the year so…yeah…

You’re either lying or just straight up lucky, or just haven’t noticed your axle is bent to shit already. One day you’ll do one of your supposed “4 or 5 foot drops” and somethings just going to snap. Square taper hubs just aren’t made for huge drops. Notice how most of the square taper unis on udc are labeled “rated to 10 inch drops for riders weighing 150 lbs or less”( or whatever it says)

I know if I were to go out right now and do a 5 foot drop on my dad’s lx(even stronger than a cx), I’d probably bend the axle so bad that the cranks would both bend 20 degrees each downward. That’s judging from what I did to my old uni when I did that 10 inch drop. When I rode away the cranks felt all wobbly.

I you read the first page you would know I have bent my crank and apart from the occasional click during a revolution I have had no further problems until recently when I shattered my plastic pedal off a four foot drop when I got hung up a on a concrete divider no visible damage to the hub or bending of the crank.

You said nothing on the first page about bending a crank. You said you bent a pedal. Either way, your unicycle is dying.

Square taper generally won’t last doing big drops and that’s all there is to it. You may not break it the first time, but each huge drop probably weakens the crank, axle, and pedals more and more.

If you’re not bsing about the many 4-5 foot drops, I’m very surprised that your uni has lasted a year. Mine was destroyed within the first month, and at that point I immediately ordered a dx.

no BS here I’m not trying to say that the CX is a invicible unicycle just that it is a good all around Learner, and that I haven’t had the money to upgrade