Getting a Torker...

I am getting a Torker uni to learn how to ride on. If I am about 4’ 11’’ would a 300 mm post legnth be good for me? The uni i picked is What would you recomend for the other features?

300mm seat post should be fine.

I have read here that the CX’s are not very good but that you should get a Torker LX

my parents bought me this very unicycle for christmas as my first one. it is perfect to learn on, but once you learn more advanced skills (ie. jumping) and want to do something more than just ride, it doesnt exactly hold up. i learned to jump and my cranks got worn on the inside and began to slip, and the ends of the axle twisted slightly, and i just learned to unispin today, and broke the seat.

lesson: if you’ve got the money, try a lx, or if you’re rich get a dx cuz itl never break

Would it is possible to go a 400 mm post down so that I would be able to fit onto it? The LX only comes with a 400 mm post so I would have to cut it if I got the LX.

yeah theres no problem cutting seat posts down at all, i did it with mine, cut about 5 inchs off.

i used a big angle-grinder, but a hacksaw would work good too. when your cutting it, cut it down in one inch increments so that you dont cut off too much.

Yeah, the LX is only 20 dollars more than the CX, so its a great deal if the CX is really bad.

The CX is a peice of crap unless you weigh less than 50 pounds. Then it’s still bad.

get the LX. It’s about $20 more and is about 50 times better. Every single thing about it is way way better.

if this is your first time on a unicycle, be sure to get an airseat, or buy a miyata to replace the torker seat and convert the miyata to an airseat. that will save a great deal of pain.

I own a CX good learner Uni but the seat is terrible and mine has held up to attempted Unispins, 4 and 5 foot drops and a lot of falls where I didn’t quite catch the seat when it came down and after about 1 year of riding I finally bent the left pedal on a 4 foot drop, I wish my LBS had LXs when i bought my Uni i would have sprung for it and spent the extra 20.

On, It looks like you buy an air saddle and then put it over the saddle? Is that how it works?

don’t do that, let the seat hurt a little (seriously) and then once you get used to it upgrade it to a better seat :slight_smile: you will appreciate it so much more, spend less money, and stick with unicycling for much longer :wink:

ohh and get the LX (about $100) or DX (last years model=$200 … google it)

CX seats are bricks
if you get a CX get one of those seats that are $20 for 3 :slight_smile: then once you break all 3 of those you should upgrade to a better seat :slight_smile:

ohh wait… i didn’t think about price … if you were to get the CX and those seats it would be the same price as the LX. If you got the LX or the GOOD sun uni then you would be better off, the sun has a good seat, and i havn’t seen it anywhere except

you can do the air seat conversion on the LX seat! it only cost me 2 bucks to do the conversion. the LX seat is almost identical to the miata seat. just follow the instructions at this link…

unfortunately it cant be done on a cx seat…(i think) if it can be done id like to know

At my local bike shop, the CX was really cheap (50 bucks less than the LX) so I just got that, and when I actually get good I will spend the money I saved on an LX or something else, but does anyone know any good tutorials for me to use to learn?

i started out with this unicycle:

it’s a torker 20" unicycle. my parents bought it for me because they didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something they didn’t know i’d like. it’s a good idea to get a cheap one to start because not everyone loves unicycling. however, the price reflects the quality. it’s a pretty weak unicycle and the seat is like a brick xP you will not want to use this for long distance riding for sure.

now this is the unicycle i just got:

it’s a torker unistar dx. this is a terrific unicycle that’s good for trials (although it’s even heavier than my first) and has a great wheel. i hear it also performs well as a muni although i haven’t tried that out. it’s a really cool unicycle that i’d recommend to anyone looking for a new trials/muni although the price is rather high. :stuck_out_tongue:

so to answer your questions: would the cx work? yes. however as ice_cold_uni6 so knowledgeably wrote:

so yes, the cx will work but if you already know you like unicycling and you’ll want to keep it up, the lx is a better choice with a price increase of only $20. very worth it.

as for the seatpost question, it’s much better to get one that’s too long than one that’s too short. if you’re hunched over unicycling, you will be in incredible pain and not like it very much as a result. if it’s too long, you can merely take it to a shop with a pipe cutter and cut it down as much as you need. i probably chopped two or three inches off my new dx.

anyway, good luck with the unicycling! i hope this helps! and i apologize for the book i just wrote you on the subject but as you can see i’m very opinionated. :smiley:

-EDIT- if you are getting your unicycle from a local bike shop it may be cheaper but i got my prices off which said the cx was $74 and the lx was $94.

Thanks for all your information. I’ve had CX for 2 weeks now (learning 3rd level tricks) and can’t say anything bad about it yet, except – yes, the longer rides will make crotch hurt a bit. But I consider it as a training, because you have to get the feeling.

How I ended up with CX – one guy whom I didn’t knew that well, had relative in USA. He was to return in 2 weeks, so I had to hurry. In Estonia we don’t have unicycles for sale nowhere – we have to get it abroad. He had ordered himself CX and he suggested it to me. As a newbie I didn’t knew anything about unicycles before, except I had practiced with my friends old uni. Maybe if I had made a little research, I’ve considered a better choice like LX.

But again for total newbie like me, I guess CX is just fine – next uni will be even better then.

the advantage of having the CX is knowing that the next unicycle you buy will be better.

but compared to all the other crap, i wouldn’t really say it has any advantage over the other ones.