Getting a Spool- HELP!! (sorry if this was the wrong forum, i couldn't decide where)

Hi guys.

I have been looking for a spool for a while but have had no luck. That’s why I posted this thread. I need the spool for trials.

I don’t know if it’s called a spool. They’re the gigantic wooden spools that people transport electric wires in.

I need any and all of the information about getting one. I would really love it if you guys could give me a list of which companies you think should have them. I would also like to know where you guys got yours. If theres any other information i should know please post and tell me.


I’ve had luck finding various sized ones at:

-local dump (as a bonus, it was free!)

-side of the road (they had just set new cable and there were three of them left on the street corner for @ 3 days, so I figured they wouldn’t miss one)

-Salvation Army thrift store (people use them for tables, I guess)

-“Someone I know” went to the Cox cable building after hours and. . .ahem. . .liberated one from their parking lot (not recommended)

Spools are used to hold cable. Find companies that use lots of cable. Ask around at their service yard.

  • Your local power company (such as PG&E)
  • Your local cable TV distributor (such as Cox or Comcast)
  • Your local phone company (such as AT&T)