getting a new uni.....

well im getting a new uni for my b-day and i need help on desicion making.
well i was looking at this one. or the original qu ax which one should i get. and please dont put dont get it from CAUSE I AM!!! i dont care if the shipping is more i just need a good uni.

That one is nicer than the original Qu-Ax and probably worth the money. However, take note that Qu-Ax rims are prone to denting. Also, you really don’t need the 48 spokes. I think that you should get a different wheel. Consider Koxx, Kris Holm or Bedford.

Also, where do you live? If you live in the USA then you can save money on shipping by buying a Kris Holm trials, which is a nicer unicycle.

i cant afford a KH and my dad is only willing to spend about $300. and if this one breaks ill just upgrade it… is a great shop.
Fast and good service.


cool. im goinna order the uni right now.