Getting a new Uni


I’m thinking of buying a new uni. I currently have a 20 inch, but want something I can ride longer distances on without wearing myself out. I originally looked at a commter cause, well hell the size looks impressive-but now I’m thinking about turning-and how hard that would be. Does anyone have any thoughts? Maybe a 26 inch? 28 inch? I just dont know! I want them all!

A 24" always comes in handy, and it is the one I always come back to…! And a 26" will help with distance riding!

No matter which size unicylce you choose it will take a little bit of getting used to. But after a few hours of use, you will get used to it!!

So the question would then be, do you want a larger unit only for distance riding (29or 29") or do you want a good all round uni (24") or on in between 26".

With only a 20" in your garage, I would recommend a 24". You will be purchasing more (or at least a couple more wheel sets) anyway!!!

Re: Getting a new Uni