Getting a New uni

I currently have a no name 24" I bought at a bike store, And I’m looking to upgrade. I’m not a beginner but I don’t do much on it, but I want a more durable unicycle that I can do more stuff on. I don’t know anything about buying unicycles and which one to get, other than a more durable and capable 24". Which brands/models are a good buy? There are so many different unicycles and its quite confusing. Thanks!


Personally I cant see past Kris Holm… yes it is a bit more expensive but it will probably take more abuse and last longer so it will be worth the extra :slight_smile:

Yes, Nimbus or Kris Holm are generally good buys.
A lot of your decision will depend on your interests, and what you want to do as a unicyclist. Do you want to do street, trials, distance, etc.? The KH WILL take more abuse; but the question is, how much will you abuse your uni? If you’re looking for a reliable but not overly expensive uni, I would go with a nimbus.

I don’t want anything like super serious, I’m just a casual rider, but I want to get into doing better tricks and stuff, just around my house, and my uni couldn’t handle that to well, on a big hop I can almost feel my tire warping.

What about torker? Are they a lower end brand?

How much money do you want to spend?

For $150 or so you can get a Torker LX, which is a good beginner uni. It will last forever if you just ride it around and do low impact tricks.

For $250 or so you can get a Nimbus II, which has a stronger hub and a stronger rim and a better seat. If you decide you want to jump off picnic tables, you can do that with this unicycle.

For $620 or so you can get a Kris Holm 24", which is very strong and very light and has pretty much the best of everything.

Have you thought about going to a smaller wheel? Tricks are easier to learn on a 20".

I would say 300 would be my price cap, preferably under that though. Right now I only do low impact stuff but I hope to move on to the better stuff in the near future and I don’t plan on buying a third any time soon.

Would a 20" be much cheaper than a 24"? I kinda wanna stick with a 24" because I don’t just wanna do tricks, I like having a bigger wheel to do other things like go on a walk with someone on it or other things like that.

Although I could just use my old 24" for that stuff and get a new 20" Do the models mentioned above also have 20"s?

Getting a new uni.

Greetings. I have just joined the group and find the topics very informative. I too have just purchased a new uni. After reading all the great input here and researching the Internet I have jumped in with both feet. I know I may seem crazy but after 40 years of being without my old street uni I wanted a Muni to enjoy. Call me nuts, but I sprang for a Nimbus Oregon and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival on Thursday. Crazy or not, I am completely stoked.

A 20" unicycle is a little cheaper than a 24". Check

Welcome to the forum. The Oregon looks like a beast. I’d love to try one. It’s sort of a unicycle tank. You’re going to be sore :smiley:

As a somewhat intermediate rider, would a freestyle uni or a trial uni be the better choice?

depends on what you want to do?

get a trial. you can do a bit of both trials and freestyle on it. it’s not great for a freestyle uni, but will hold up easily and you’ll be able to decide whether you like trials or freestyle from there.

Hmmm…still I think it’s going to be a blast. Looked at KH 26 then decided to just go for it and get the Oregon. Just seemed to fit my needs. After having so little to choose from back when I was riding, I kinda just said, "hey this looks like the one for me.

Hello z3hr. I know how you feel about picking out gear. My original budget was about $300 and was looking at Torker’s, Nimbus, and KH. Had configured a nice KH26 with all the parts to make a great Uni the I found this forum and decided to get some input on the Nimbus Oregon. Just the thought of being on that beast in the woods and beaches sold me. Kinda blew the budget, but you only live once and I figure if I need a nice Uni for around the neighborhood a nice used KH will fit the bill.

Good luck on building your new Uni. And thanks to all the others on this forum for their wisdom and insight. It’s great to know this place is here and everyone is willing to put in their 2 cents.

Guess thats a good Idea. Now to decide which one. AHH. :thinking:

How could it not be? I think you’re going to have a lot of fun. Try not to squish any wildlife or people. I’d be interested to hear what you think after you’ve ridden it around for a while.

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