getting a new hub and cranks

i have a norco 20" unicycle. it says its a Muni, but I’m pretty sure its a beginner trials. I’ve had it for over a year now, and after a month of doing some bigger drops, I’ve bent the hub.

I was thinking of getting the kris holm ISIS moment hub, along with the moment cranks. i was just wondering what was the best way to do that, and where i should get the parts from.

You could look here first… it’s where most unicyclists buy their stuff

alright, thanks. but also, is it a good idea? or should i get something different. And how hard is it to install it?

If you have a bent axle, then you will probably want to replace it somehow.

If your current setup is cotterless, then you most likely have 40mm bearing holders, and the stock KH Moment bearings are 42mm, so they won’t fit. There are new bearings that will be available which will fit 40mm frames, but it will be an extra expense. If you go with a UDC CrMo wide hub it will work, but it won’t be as strong as the KH Moment.

If you have never built a wheel it will be an exercise in patience, but not really difficult. As long as you have spokes that are the right length, and you cross them correctly for the length it goes pretty easily. The one mistake that a lot of new wheel builders make is not paying attention to the valve stem, and putting it in the middle of a spoke group.

I’ve never looked at it, but I’ve seen a lot of people on this forum refer to Sheldon Brown’s wheel building page. I’m sure you can google it.

alright, i’ll take a look at the wheel building.

how much more of an expense would it be for the moment hub?
and will the UDC CrMo wide hub last, because i’m getting into trials and stuff, so will it end up bending again?

alright, i’ll take a look at the wheel building.

how much more of an expense would it be for the moment hub?
and will the UDC CrMo wide hub last, because i’m getting into trials and stuff, so will it end up bending again?

I have been running 42mm bearings in 40mm holders for over a year now with no issues. An ISIS wheel would be fine to put in your old frame.

Building wheels is a good thing to know how to do and can help you understand how to better true your rim etc. I would suggest reading the wheelbuilding tutorial written by Sheldon Brown. (just google wheelbuild sheldon brown)

If you decide to stay cotterless the UDC hub is one of the best but you will still go through cranks way faster than if you upgrade to an ISIS setup.

Since you are in Ontario you should maybe give Daren Bedford a call. He is a bit closer to you than Pete in calgary (UDC ca)

another thing to consider is that this might be a good time to also upgrade your rim. It is amazing what an extra 9mm of width can do.

I don’t recommend doing that; I think Eric got lucky. I now know three hubs with destroyed bearings because people did this type of thing (or something similar, ie: dremelled out to about 42mm)


so what should i do then?

whatever you want, there are probably as many opinions here as there is options out there.

Corbin is probably right about me being lucky. The 42mm bearings seem to fit much better than the 40mm bearings from my old wheelset. I am using a Yuni frame, If your bearing caps are tight around the bearings you may not be as lucky as I have been.

There are now 40mm bearing that you can get for ISIS hubs to allow them to fit in old 40mm frames.

where can i get these? and how much are they?

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They should be available when the various UDCs get their new KH stock. They are up on the New Zeland site and don’t look particularly cheap. Should be available in Canada and the US soon.


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Sounds like far too much money going into a lousy unicycle. I’d look into buying one of these with the Moment crank upgrade (or spend an extra $10 and get one of the powdercoated models). That should be less than twice the cost of fixing you Norco uni, while saving you from putting quite a bit of time and money into a junker uni.

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I think I’m gonna end up selling the norco, and getting a better one, hopefully a KH. Thanks a lot for the help.

Also, will the 09 kris holm be the same price as the 08?

I think I have the same unicycle as you! I wouldn’t waste time upgrading, just buy yourself a nice nimbus or kh. That’s what I did.

Yeah that’s what I’ll probly end up doing, do u think I’d be able to sell the norco?

Broken? No, probably not.

Most like not the same, but probably only a little more.

After fixing it, I got it about a year ago for 230.