getting a muni!!

yesterday i was out riding around on my kh 05 trials, having difficulty doing a moderate trail, when i saw a firetruck go by. on the side of the fire truck it said so when i got home i logged onto and apparently it has nothing to do with muni at all ( its all about the municipality of anchorage). BUT!! this got me thinkin’ maybe the reason im havin such a tough time riding the trails is because i dont have a muni. so ive decided to jump on the bandwagon and get a muni. im getting a 24" kh frame with an alex rim and poznater hub and profile 170mm cranks, OJC pedals and maguras. any tips questions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

That’s gonna be a sweet setup.
You might want to get a seat post and seat to, you will need a post to mount the brake lever. You could get the KH rail adaptor and a 27.2 post. A cheaper way would to just get the 04 style seat post which has a post welded on.

It really helps to have a rail adapter, i find it MUCH more comfortable to have the seat tilted way back
i don’t think a profile hub (40mm OD) is going to fit in the KH frame (42mm OD)
the KH hub is just as strong i believe so go with that, or else you could maybe find some shims to fit the bearings right

im new to all this, what makes a uni a muni?


I have heard that the small diffrence in size dosent matter that much, but if your still worried about it UDC sells shims made just for doing that.

by the way i already have a seat and seatpost picked out i just didnt mention it. im getting the kh seatpost with a brake post and a yellow kh fusion saddle

I think it’s mainly the tire, and pedals. A knobby tire, and non slippery pedals are great for trails.

Scar Head.

Do you have a helmet now? :slight_smile:

If you live in Anchorage, hopefully you have gotten together with George and Kris Peck by now. George is the "father of Rough Terrain Unicycling. He prefers that to “mountain unicycling.” They’re in Seward.

Yes, a MUni will make a big difference on cruising the trails! Every time I try dirt on a 20", I get amazed at how slow and bumpy it is.

Yes also, “muni” has been municipal for a very long time before we came along…

Re: getting a muni!!

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>e39m5 wrote:
>> *im new to all this, what makes a uni a muni?

>I think it’s mainly the tire, and pedals. A knobby tire, and non
>slippery pedals are great for trails.

Add to that a good (seat) handle, and a strong wheel, 24" or larger.
Higher-end MUnis include a splined hub/crank set and sometimes a

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john thanks for the info on george peck. ive heard about him but i had no idea he was right here in the ak! do you have any way i can reach them? i.e. phone #, email address, street address?
id love to go to seward this summer to ride some “rought terrain unicycling” with the godfather of muni! any more info would be greatly appreciated

p.s. no im to cheap to buy a helmet even tho my new muni will cost over 700 dollars!


my question is,are the platforms splined or threaded onto the spindle.If they are held with double nuts would it be possible to thread the platforms and use inner locking nuts only.
a pic of the problem (as mentioned by monociclos) would help to get the problem sorted.


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