getting a muni

I’m going to get a muni and I can’t decide between the Onza 24" or the Yuni 24". The Yuni is $100 less and comes with a 3" tire and the Alex Dx 32 rim, but I think the Onza’s hub is better. I was wondering how much abuse the Suzue hub on the Yuni can take. I am 13 so I’m still only about 115 pounds and have done 3’ drops on my Yuni trials unicycle that also has a Suzue hub. Will the Suzue hub not stand up to these drops when I gain wait, or will I need a splined hub. I don’t plan on doing anything larger than about 4 feet on the Muni. Which one should I get? Thanks.

My muni is a Nimbus, which is the UK version of the Yuni; I use it for XC and mild muni with no drops, for which it’s a really good machine.

If you’re already doing 3’ drops, which are likely to get bigger as you progress, together with the fact that you’re going to put on weight as you get older, I suspect that the Onza will be a better buy for you.

I’ve often posted here against the view that splined hubs are always better than square taper (yuni) ones, in your case you seem pretty definite that you’re going to need the extra strength for drops that the Onza can provide.

Then again there are other good splined hub munis such as the Kris Holm models.

This MUni is almost the same as the Yuni, but it has a better hub.

suzue hubs will take alot of abuse.

I’m probably sitting at 180-90 pounds with all my riding gear on, and the suzue/kookas took lots of 4.5 foot drops (before i even learned to roll out of drops)

Splined stuff is clearly the strongest, but it is certainly not mandatory.

115 pounds? I doubt you’d even need a Suzue for that!

this is an easy decision.

the onza is sexier than halle berry. need i say more?


Thanks for the suggestions. How much stronger is the Crmo hub on the nimbus than the Suzue? Will it take as much abuse as the Onza? Also, why is the Nimbus so much cheaper?

I think the CrMo hub is about 20% stronger than the Suzue, and the Suzues are TOUGH. Splined hub/crank (Onza, KH, Qu-Ax, Profile etc) sets are stronger, but also heavier, so depends how much hopping or whatever you plan to do and how strong you are. With cotterless hubs, you have a much bigger selection of cranks, but the Onza and Kris Holm etc only fit their own cranks, which are great, but only come in two sizes each.

On the UK site, despite being stonger, the CrMo hub is cheaper then the Suzue… Perhaps go for the cotterless, you can always upgrade if you find yourself breaking loads of cranks oreven your hub.

Thanks alot I’m going to get the Nimbus. It seems like a great deal. Even if I eventually break the hub, I can upgrade without losing to much money.

Where did you get the 20% stronger figure from? I’d guess that they are similar strengths, both are hardened as far as I know. The ChroMoly hubs are definitely stronger than the soft steel ones, and apparently they have a better design for attaching cranks than the traditional square taper ones.

The selection of lengths are smaller, but the splined cranks are way better and stronger. Also, the two lengths available are quite good. If you want more splined lengths to choose from there is Profiles.

I’d say the reason the CrMo one is cheaper is because it is designed and made by (if I am not mistaken).

uni412, I’d suggest you get the Onza if you can afford it. Upgrading a hub has hidden costs that you might not expect. Not only do you have to pay for a new hub (and maybe cranks) but you also have to completely rebuild the wheel. I think it is better to do it right the first time rather than wait for it to break and then upgrade. It’s definitely up to you, but go for splines if possible.