Getting a KH24!!!!

I am ordering a KH24 from my local bike shop in the next week. The question I have is should I really pay the extra money for the GAZZ or does the DURO suit just fine?
I ask because I am already going to be forking out some money to buy a hookworm to go on it when I am riding urban so I don’t really wanna spend money on the GAZZ unless it is going to be a huge difference?

Thanks for the input.

Also for those that were gonna say it, a brake is not even in this equation b/c a mtn bike buddy of mine has some old Magura brakes and he is going to sell me one cheap.

I have ridden both and my opinion is that the Gazz is way superior. Keep in mind, the Gazz and the Hookworm have thick downhill sidewalls and can be a pain to remove from the rim. Add the Maguras with the KH mount to the equation (no quick release feature) and wheel/tire changing is not a ton-o-fun.
The Duro has a very round profile and doesn’t seem to put as much tread on the trail but it’s not that bad on pavement and is plenty bouncy while the Gazz is not so great on pavement due to the somewhat square profile.
If your shop will give you an allowance for the Duro maybe an upgrade to the Gazz is the way to go. If they won’t, then wait on the Gazz, try the Duro, you may like it just fine, plenty of riders do.
Good luck.

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At my local bike store, they said that they didn’t make the KH 24 this year. Is it another model or did my bike store “make a mistake”

Have fun on it, I just got a KH 20 about a month ago :wink:

I have never felt like the Duro was holding me back (my skill level does that)…and at it’s a $55 upgrade to the KH24, I figured I’d wear out the Duro and buy a Gaz later (I have seen them at a couple of websites for $50 e.g. …

WoooHooo!! I put in the order yesterday at my LBS(local bike shop). I can’t wait for it to come in! Since there is only one state between me and where it’s coming from ( in Georgia) the LBS should have it by the weekend. I can’t wait!

Greetings Zod! Congratulations on your order. I plan to get a KH24 very soon too.

One Question: Why did you order your KH24 through your local bike shop, instead of ordering it direct from Assembly, Cost Break, Why?

Cost break, I told the store owner he needs to put mUni’s on his website, he already offers free freight so you come out a lot cheaper.
I told him he’d take quite a few online orders every month he offered them at a lower price than retail.
Wouldn’t ya’ll buy from him if it saved you some cash???

With metal tire levers and a Quik Stik the DH tires are easier to get on and off the rim.
There are several options for metal tire levers:
Park Tools TL-5
Pedro’s DH tire lever
Intense Tier Levers

If you have a local bike shop that specializes in DH or freeride bikes they should carry some metal tire levers.

I use 1 or 2 metal levers similar to the Intense Tire Levers along with a Quik-Stik to remove and install a Gazz DH tire.

Use a metal lever to get the tire bead over the rim and then use a strong plastic lever like the Quik-Stik or a Pedro’s plastic lever to slide around the rim and remove the rest of the tire bead. The plastic levers won’t scratch up the rim when you slide them around to remove the rest of the tire bead.

Just don’t use a screwdriver or other metal object with sharp edges to remove the tire. You’ll almost certainly puncture the tube or damage the tire or rim.

Motorcycle and moped shops are another option for finding metal tire levers similar to the Intense tire levers. Now that Park Tools is also making metal tire levers it should be easier to find metal tire levers at more bike shops.

edit: typo in a link

My KH24 should be in today!!! The minutes will roll by slower than ever today at work I’m sure… (tick…tock…tick…tock…) :astonished:

I’m a whole state away from you Zod, but still, I can feel your excite all the way across the mountains.

Have fun on your new Muni! --chirokid–

Depends on how much cash. If I was buying something for $500, and I could save 20 bucks, I think I would still buy from No offense to the company that you’re going through; I’m sure they’re good and reliable people, but I’ve bought a number of things through and I trust their service, their reliability, and yes, even their security (I know about their breach a few months ago, but I never felt compromised). Besides, they give you those cool bumper stickers! Can’t have too many of those…

I hope to get some of those cool bumper stickers Paco!! My KH24 is still coming from, that is where my local bike shop ordered it from. :slight_smile:

Have you got it yet Zod? Give us the scoop!!! --chirokid–

Yep, assembled it at the bike shop. I had to cut the seat post almost all the way down to the brake lever rod b/c I am only 5’7"

I already wrecked and got bloody on it trying to go backwards too!!!

Pictures to come later in the week, I love it!!!

Blood well spent :D. Glad you got your dream Muni! --chirokid–

Zod, is your KH24 Black or Orange? Did you get the brake? Can I ride it :D? --chirokid–

It is black. On the website they show the 24 as black, however in the catalog they sent my local bike shop the 24 was shown as orange…I wasn’t sure what color it would be when I got it :slight_smile:

I’m glad it was black though because it matches my mountain bike…

And YES you can ride it, just come on across the Appalachians and try to find me

I love the Orange one, but I have never met anyone who owns one. I rode the Orange KH24 while I was at several weeks ago. What a sweet ride. Soon as I can slip $450 out of the family budget, I will have one too. Until then, I am SUPER JEALOUS!

I’m glad you got the black one, since it is the one you wanted. I wonder if John lets us choose the color, or do we just take what is available? John?

As for me riding your new KH24, you’ve narrowed the search. I’ll just have to scan from the mountains to the ocean. I’ll come looking next weekend :D! --chirokid–

Here is what my UPD envolved…

I was trying to go backwards on it and it shot out behind me. This is normal of course and happens so I simply went to move my legs out of the way as I normally would but didn’t compensate for the cranks being about twice as long as the ones on my 20" uni. The right pedal caught my leg and I went face first into the blacktop. Luckily I got my forearms down on the road before my face hit(yep, no helmet). A little blood, a little sore, and I have a big knot on my shin from the pedal slap. I guess I need to be wearing my shinguards since KH24 has metal platforms with big nasty pins. I was expecting to be worse off as hard as I hit the pavement, but when I got up I was pretty much in good shape.

Cherokid, let me narrow it down even farther for you… Stanley, NC :stuck_out_tongue: