getting a 29er; here's my set-up

Well I’m building up my own 29er. It’s basically a kh but alot cheaper. the only difference is the frame.

kh rail type seat post: 19$
rail adapter:29$
kh freeride saddle:54$
bedford 29’’ frame: 51$
kh29 rim: 45$
Kh moment hub and cranks: 137$

total = 335$ not bad.

don’t worry about spokes or a tire I have those already. I wasn’t sure about the hub and crankset, and was concerned that I could save myself the money and not go splined. I’m mainly doing road riding but I plan on doing some moderately technical xc muni. I’m getting 150mm cranks and I have a kenda karma tire. Tell me what you think please.

Hey gordito8me how are you my friend :smiley: Anyways that’s a pretty nice setup you have there and the total price is impressive also. Are you going to be doing any freestyling? 150s is probably the best cranks to have for what you want to do.

Take care

hey thanks for the quick reply, By freestyling do you mean wheel walking and stuff like that? if that’s the case then no I won’t be doing that. If you meant jumps or drops, my answer would be occasionally I would roll down a curb or over a log or down a steep hill with lots of rooty rocky sections. I wouldn’t be riding down stairs constanly and landing crankflips off of 10 foot drops.

When i say freestyling i meant jumping onto picnic tables and benches, running across beaches full of sand etc. I ride down very steep hills on my coker (sometimes without using the brakes :D) As for the stair riding i guess riding down a 3-6 set wouldn’t be too bad for you. :wink:

Sounds like a pretty solid setup. I was considering a 29’er a while back but I figured why not go all the way and get a coker?

If you’re planning on mainly road riding, then the 150s will be way too long. you’ll be better off with 125s or even 110s. I use 110s and they’re great for road use. Light muni is ok, but I swap to 125s if I’m expecting more hilly stuff.

I’d also suggest that square taper hub/cranks would be more than up to the job too. It’ll save you both money and weight, and unless you’re going to be doing big drops (much more than a kerb or so) they’ll hold up fine. The only issue might be if you are swapping cranks often then splined is better.


I think I’m too small to use a coker. I’m probably going to get the T7 handle for this too.

Did you see this post: Thinking about buying 36"uni ? I bet you are big enough to fit on one. Go coker :slight_smile:

I’m 4’ 10" and I ride cokers all the time.

well that’s pretty tempting… I might just go for a radial 360… that would be really nice.But then again I’m kinda looking forward to this because I can use it to ride this really long gravel path that’s pretty hilly and If I went coker I definately couldn’t do it. I wanna get a 29er with the T7 handle and the whole shabang. I kinda have my mind set on this 29er. So I’m gonna stick with the plan.