gettig sponsored??

I watched your vid, good job i guess. Theres room for improvement, just like everyone else. There are some small things you can do to improve style, but overall the vid is edited well, all the good points of your riding abilities i would guess. I mean, like everyone else has said, riding ability is nearly worth as much as the public eye on the product. I would say just keep riding, look the best you can in public, contact them, contact other people as well, and you may have a chance. :wink:

sorry if that doesnt help too much.


haha its cool. i get what you mean. i dont really do alot of flips and such…so i kinda more trials now…even that vid is like 1 month old…

The question you have to ask yourself is why do you want sponsorship? If you want money get a job in mcdonald’s, it will pay far better for the number of hours you put in. If you want recognition, put out some decent videos and you will get it.

Ah but you cant unicycle while your working at mcdonald’s. Also, why not put out some decent videos WHILE wearing your sponsors jersey? that way you get recognition, payment for doing something you love and your sponsor gets exposure. win, win, win situation

indeed, if you get in to that situation. However, if you rate your own achievement by whether you’re sponsored or not you’re never going to enjoy your riding until you are, and once you are you’ll have nothing to aim at. I don’t understand why people (particularly really young guys for some reason) think it’s so important. Unicycling for me is a hobby, I would not want to get in to any kind of financial contract that governed my riding.

See, thats the thing, if it governed my riding skills when i was sponsored, i would be pushed to accel. I would greatfully go out and do more ballsier stuff. And when we get a sponsorship, it would provide discounted items, if we destroyed those said items, would provide overall financial support of unicycling.

Your seeing it as a one way street, with a dead end, the dead end being sponsorship. It really opens up another world. If you got sponsorship, you would be able to go to more conventions, meet more unicyclists, and (once again) have financial support.

Yeah. You dont ride for a sponsorship. You ride for fun. And if your lucky, you will be able to do what you love for free or much cheaper. (well… You will have to do some things for your sponsor, but thats just the deal)

Rule of thumb: If your asking for a sponsorship your not good enough for a sponsorship.


Luke collalto asked for a sponsorship. Is he not good enough? In my opinion, hes one of the best street riders out there.

He is a good street rider. I would have repected him much more if he didn’t ask, would make him seem more mature.

And note I said ‘Rule of thumb’.


More mature? That seems funny.

From what ive seen, its about 75% of the time you have to go and put yourself out there asking for sponsorship from companies, otherwise they will never see you or care.

Its also funny, cause it seems like a lot of you think you can either ride for fun, or you can ride for a sponsorship, without there being a both option. Ride for fun, and ride for a sponsorship. Its not like that is a hard thing to do.

I dont know, I guess this forum has never really been too encouraging about sponsorship though.

I think you will.

Its a nice feeling to say “Im sponsored by _____” And it also makes unicycling seem more serious to non-riders when they hear that you are a sponsored rider.

wow. thank you.
im not even trying to get a sponsorship for personal benefit. im doing it for the sport, and to try to represent 661. cause i love their gear sooo much.

Does no-one ride for fun anymore?

Since when was it not fun to ride with a sponsor?

Riding is always fun. Having a sponsor is simply befitting a little from the fun stuff you already do.

I sent my Sponsor Request last week to 661…I’m waiting an answer…

I sent for some big companies In Brazil too… To some unicycle companies in USA and Europe…

I know that my skills are not that great… But i really need a sponsor… I destroyed my seat… I need a new one… but for me a KH Seat will cost about 150 US dollars… the taxes for brazil are very big… And the shipping is very expensive too…

I’m riding hard and improving fast… we have some other good riders here (picado for example)… But i’m acctualy the youngest and the one that is training more! And i do not have money enough to pay all parts and equipments… I can buy some parts… but i need a new seat and at this moment I dont have money enough… I will need to wait next month… riding with a Seat with a lot of holes and a destroyed base!

I don’t even need money… parts and discounts can Help me A LOT!
I’m trying some companies here… and i will wait other companies in USA and Europe… I hope that i will get a sponsor soon!


im really hopeing they will…brings a whole new sieriousness to the unicycling world every rier that gets sponsored…

dude. i got a call from debbie at 661.

And??? are u sponsored???
I hope you are, as said before it would open up unicycling a lot more if a non-unicycle company sponsores you.

well, she sent a couple of emails back and forth and she said she wanted pics/video of me to check out, so i sent her my new video"feeling it"
she hasnt responded yet.
she said that she will let me know by wednesday about a contract…