gettig sponsored??

anyone know of any australian competitions?

Thanks for posting that forrest. I WOULD and still SHOULD be going to Mondo (annuel uni convention in minnesota) this saturday, but seeing as how its the same weather as last year febuary 24th (last years date), which is blizard, it seems like i MAY not be able to make it. I’m goign to shoot someone if i cant go to this one… Cause like 2 days after it, its suposed to sunny 70 degrees out.

Well, exactly what you said.

Its more of what you can do for the brand, than what you can ride in general. What the brand wants out of the deal is more people buying their item. A definate plus is riding ability, to show like ‘hey look hes riding quax, and hes a crazy rider’ Makes you kinda want the gear imo.


IMO Ryan Leach put it pretty well.

I think I’ve heard him say that of 8 hours of work, he rides at most 3.

Im glad you posted everything I was thinking while reading through this.

I slightly agree with you, Jerrick.

But why the hell do so many people want to get sponsored?

Financial assistance?

That would be the main why I want to be sponsored. The recognition would be nice too…

It’d also be nice to feel as if you are part of something.

There are plenty of reasons.

I am not an amazing rider, but when I sent my sponsorship application to Brian for and got the spot I can’t help but think that these forums played a large roll in me getting it. I didn’t send any pictures or videos and there aren’t many on the forums either but I try to be respectful and helpful whenever I post.

I was real excited to spread the news about a new Canadian unicycing entity and would have done it sponsorship or not. Being sponsored just helps you do it.

It would be a lot easier if the shop was actually up and running…

The other reason I applied for a sponsorship was to be able to go to various unicycle events and actually meet other unicyclists. A bit of assistance getting to NS for RTL would be nice too. We will see if it happens.

Well, one reason, that im sure youd like, is the chance of discounted items, testing products, and random free things.

Does it have to be a unicycle company?

I bet if you participated in a lot of bicycle tours/races/events that you could find some supplement and power-drink type sponsers. Obviously a unicycler at a bike event would get more attention/press than even the winners of the event.

Enter some races then call Red Bull!

Another word of wisdom from Ryan: “Ask not what your sponsor can do for you, but what you can do for your sponsor”. NZ sponsors a number of riders. Some of them approached us and in some cases we’ve approached them. In all cases the riders are not only talented but heavily involved with developing the sport. At conventions and meets you find them not only competing but helping out with workshops (or actually running the convention). They are actively promoting the sport, both to the general public through shows and demos as well as to existing riders through sharing their expertise. They are friendly people who present themselves professionally.

Why do we support them? Sure we get a nice warm fuzzy feeling but also our support helps them to reach their full potential and in turn grows the sport as a whole. More unicyclists means more sales for us, allowing us to continue to do what we love, providing quality unicycles to those that want them. Sponsoring riders costs us money, so we can’t just sponsor every good rider out and we have to justify why we are doing it. In the long run it has to be about our sales increasing, otherwise we are throwing our money away and if you do too much of that you go out of business (and can’t sponsor anyone).

Key things we look for when sponsoring a rider (in order of importance):

  • someone actively involved in growing the sport (encouraging people to learn to ride plus also working with existing riders)
  • a friendly person with good people skills
  • excellent communication skills (both written and verbal skills)
  • great riding skills

Notice that great riding skills are not as important as the other three! If someone can ride and knows NO tricks BUT they were introducing 200 new people to unicycling a year we would sponsor them ahead of the most talented rider in the world who does nothing to grow the sport.


I sent in my spondership request form online, and got an email back.(SixSixOne)

This post should be disregarded as helpfull at all times.

hey um… On your vid on your youtube homepage… Erm… you live in arizona, right? Then why are you wearing a sweatshirt? Arizona is like the most hot place EVER.

thats from winter…i dont use youtube anymore…and its not my newest video…

You get accepted for the sponsorship? and can you link me to your newest video?

I’m going to get a call or email from 661 by monday regarding my request…and yes i will link you…

661 is an easy sponsorship. At least for the level 1 or 2 sponsorship. =p

Im sure it gets tougher for a better membership from them though.

Ride hard, make videos, use good styles in filming and editing so people can see the tricks. Promote them in a lot of places. Make formal e-mails and send them out to companies with a good looking either website or something else linked to them. Set positive examples in your vids and be mature. Any silly videos don’t set mainstream, keep private.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. By the way sponsorships don’t really come to you, you have to work for them. Uni sponsorships might come your way, but don’t settle for just that.

soo you think i will be able to get a sponsorship?from them?

I actually hope you do, it would open up a world for it. Madison didnt recieve sponsorship from them when he mailed them. Madison is an overall good person to be sponsored. He works at a camp during summer, hes a people person, and hes a really good unicyclist imo. He’s an ideal person to be sponsored based on what he can do for the company.

Its a hit or miss on the sponsorship, it depends on what they want.

but did you watch my video? ability…any kind of chance?