gettig sponsored??

hey i know im not good enough to get sponsered yet but for the future how do you get sponsered??

You go to unicycling events and be good at unicycling, then someone looks at you and says “hey hes good he should be sponsered”

Just ride for yourself.
If your good enough to get sponsored, people will come to you.
Just make a vid once in a while, then people will know how you ride and who you are.

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The trick is to not be concerned with that. Just ride for the fun of it. Theres tons of threads on this. Ride because you like to ride not because you want to be sponsored. If you do that and do it very very well then the sponsorship will come once you put out a few amazing videos. There are so few sponsored riders, its not at all likely that most of us will reach that status so why be bothered with it? Go have fun.

Learning to spell so that whoever you apply to be sponsored by can read the application is a good first step.

Then practice a lot to become one of the top riders in whichever area/discipline you want to, then write to companies that may be interested in promotion of unicycling or of their business.

If you want to be sponsored by Kris Holm or Koxx then you will need to be one of the top riders in the world, if you are only looking for sponsorship from a local company then you just need to be good enough to impress them and show that you have the level of professionalism to not open them up to any liabilities.

Then keep practicing to ensure you are improving to give your sponsor the best value for money so that they don’t withdraw the sponsorship.

ok thanks , all i do right now is stuff at my house and im starting to get bored i wanna get out and ride different places but tis not really easy when you dont have a car. i guess thats not really on the subject…at all lol sorry

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I wasn’t being mean, the advice he gave was good. A big part of sponsorship is your image. Not only do you have to ride very well but you have to behave maturely and represent the company well. You could be one of the best riders but if go around acting like a complete asshole then no one would want to sponsor you… well maybe koxx.

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I meant to say Plumsie wasn’t being mean.

I’ve never met a koxx sponsored rider so I can’t vouch for them being assholes, thats just the image some of them portray part of the time.

Also with being good, i would say having a sort of nitch in what you do for riding, and riding style as well. I can name a few people who are sponsored by certain brands half because of what they do. I dont know the the total obscurity of the nitch, but Bryan Stevens rides a BC wheel, sponsored by Koxx, and is relatively (understatement) great at what he does.

I would like to be sponsored at some point, but first i just need to establish my riding. I guess everyone would like to be sponsored and ‘be cool like that’ and get free things, and have videos made of them, but you need to have initiative in your work.

I plan this summer to excell at both riding and character when i work. I can tell already that I’m going to be doing A LOT heavier trials unicycling, and im trying things that are a little ‘crazier’ so to speak i would guess. During the summer, i work for my dad, which me commands both my brother and I to be as professional as possible, one of the main reasons his customers choose him.

I would say just keep on riding. Its like getting a child to pay attention or throw a fit (lack of better words), Ignore it, and it’ll come at some point if you do your job well enough.

Dont stop dreaming for the day it may come though, it’ll keep you riding. :wink:


If your goal in riding is to become sponsored then once you achieve this goal, what is going to motivate you to keep going? Seems like you get hte sponsorship and you just kinda fade out…

what i was meaning was, for someone like myself, i need to establish goals i guess. It may be the same for others. Once you get sponsorship, live it up i guess, live it up as if you didnt have sponsorship. Ride like hell i guess. Take the sponsorship, use the gear and stuff, and ride. Go to more conventions, get out there and uni with other people.

The thing in my place is, theres only one convention/chance to ride with other people i have, and thats this saturday, once every year. And this is my first year. If i got sponsored, im sure i would be able to go to more for the sake of it.

Edit: Let it surprise you, but plan out a frame for the surprise.

Sounds like great thining m8, I was actually posting htat in reply to the original maker of this thread. I remember when I was asking around for sponsorships when I well…Honestly sucked, not sayin im that great now, but I was just saying you have to ride for the love of the sport, ride for the bug. It shows others how much fun you are having and gives off a good image, that is what companies want to sponsor, riders who are talented and will positivly promote them…

I’m sorry if I came across as mean in my earlier post, I didn’t intend it that way.

I am a professional person, I ride for fun but I think in a professional manner. I have to think about what I say when I am working and that carries over to my personal life and I think before I say things and I read things before I post them.

I didn’t get my job just by being good at what I do, I got it through my professionalism and attitude as well. Being good is not enough, there will nearly always be someone out there who is as good or better but if you can make yourself seem like the person who is easier to deal with and that will make the best impression on clients (I would expect sponsored riders to have to do some meet and greet type affairs) then you are more likely to get the job/sponsorship.

Business is about image, to be sponsored you must fit that company image.


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I disagree, although it would be ideal if it happened that way.
Unless you are so good that you stand out from everyone else as a prominent figure, then you have to be at least a little aggressive in getting your potential sponsor to notice you and consider you. You have to plan it out and be ready for it.

It’s not all about how good of a rider you are, it also depends on what you do for the company and what they get out of the deal.

For example, say Rider 1 is a very talented rider, but all he does is ride around in his back yard and neighborhood, maybe makes a few internet videos. But say Rider 2 is pretty good, not quite as good as Rider 1, but he goes out, participates in Uni conventions, interacts with people, brings new riders into the sport, and does all this stuff to get brand exposure.

Which one do you think would be a better rider for your company?
That might be an obvious example, but you get the picture.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be sponsored, to get something back for all the work you put into riding. But if you want to be sponsored then you’d better be putting some work into it.