geting started to ride with no miovement

today i practiced for 2h wen my familiy was in the pool (we are on vacashion in berling)
and i can alreay ride 5m alone but i need to get started with a fence…
i mean to get speed and than ride, i have a problem with riding from the point i munted on…
do you guys have any tips except practice? cuz i practice every sec i can but we are visiting new places every day…

Other than sit up straight, put your weight on the seat and focus on the task at hand, it’s all in the repetition.

After all, you’re just training your body to detect and correct small changes in your center of balance.

What type of mount are you trying to use? I have found the static mount to be the best for me. I initially tried to use the rollback mount but the cranks would end up perpendicular to the ground which made that first wheel rotation very difficult. With a static mount, the cranks will end up parallel to the ground making the initial rotation much easier. Look at this video starting at 2:07

i am no trying to freemount i just try to start riding from smaller items and not have to look for fences all day o.0

so just give it a go?
its hard to get speed on the start witout loosing my balance

Well then, work on it! You’re not going to always be able to get moving quickly.

Also, when learning, you shouldn’t really be relying on your speed to keep you up. Just sit back (not really), relax, and focus on it. From the physics standpoint, fine, it makes sense, but only with bicycles. When unicycling, you have to worry about forward-backward balance. Therefore, speed isn’t a good thing when learning.

Even if you’re not as good starting from a standstill, it is the thing to do. If you need to work on becoming more comfortable on the uni though, it is perfectly acceptable to ride along a fence and see how long you can keep your hand off of it.

tyvm i will be doing it next time ill get a chance to practice
and its the end of the fence or middle i just leave it and turn=]