Geting a unicycle, HELP!

ok i have a couple questions, first what is the difference between a splined and non-splined unicycle? Second, do you think the Nimbus 20-inch Trials Unicycle is a good unicycle? Because i dont want to start with a bad unicycle and breaking it or not liking it.

Re: Geting a unicycle, HELP!

When a unicycle says its splined its refering to the hub, a splined hub will have a sort of gear shape, with tons of divits, where the crank will connect to it. This makes a hub MUCH stronger, also splined hubs will be thicker, so you can’t bend them, the cheapest splined unicycle is the Torker DX.

A 20in nimbus is a pretty good learners/begginers unicycle. It all depends on how quickly you think you will progress. Some people pick up on it right away, and are dooing huge drops withing a few months some people it can take upwards of a year, and do you think you’ll really get into unicycling? If your althletic, and well cordinated, you might want to consider something better, but in most cases I’d say a Nimbus would be fine.

Yea i also snowboard and skateboard if that makes a difference. Im very interested in unicycling and i plan on doing it for a while.
what did you start with, and what do you have now? and what kind of height can you drop with a non splined unicycle? The only real problem i have is the cost, it would apear unicycles are quite costly for what they are, if you could make a recomendation for a good unicycle that will last (preferably in the 200-300 dollar range canadian)

id get a DX or a qu ax… i beleive thats in your price range… plus they are splined so they will last a long time


I used to sk8 and snowboard before unicycling too. Now my sk8board sits in the closet, and i uni all summer. It’s so similar and so different from sk8boarding, it’s weird. Where exactly do you live in Canada? There are all sorts of uni clubs that you could attend to take a look at unis to get an idea of what to buy.

you mean this one?