Get Your Kicks on Wheel 36!

This video shows after two weeks with my 36" what works :slight_smile: and what doesn’t :p!

Very nice video. That’s the first time I’ve seen a 36er ridden backwards. Looks like you’re having a blast.

That was very nice, liked the downhill ;)!

1:22 is that a new type of mount? or did you just play it backwards. Excellent riding backwards uphill skills!:smiley:

No, not really. It is a normal backwards mount. Uphill makes it slightly more difficult. To avoid the kick-up you really need to have a well-trained unicycle and be fully in sync with it. With mine a wistle at the right point in time is all it needs to get into the right position. You can see it again at 3:15. :sunglasses:

I’ll have to get training my 29":smiley:

Should work as well, but you might find it harder. 29 inch unicycles are known for a more difficult character. They tend to be more bullheaded!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll bribe it with money to spend at UDC.:smiley:


Someone needs to put UDC ( on that UDC list… and create a UDC ( page on Wikipedia. I’m lazy, and the laziness isn’t helped by all the guides and regulations they expect you to read on Wikipedia.

I like the backwards action on the 36!

I’ve put UDC on the list:D, now someone needs to create a page for them.:stuck_out_tongue:

Creating the page is the bit I am reluctant to do…

Yeah, me too!

at like 2:20 whats up with steps

dude you need to catch your seat more. youre gonna brake that handlebar. watching this makes me want to make a video of muni cokering.