Get well Krisz - Day Edit

Recently Kris injured both his writs and his right elbow. So Mark and I decided to make a short edit for him while he’s still recovering! We hope you all enjoy and this one’s for you Krisz!!

nice smooth edit Aidan, how did Krisz hurt himself?

Yeah, I agree. Man, you’re really good at making videos!

I hadn’t heard that Kris had sustained an injury. Is there any details or an update on his condition?

It was nice of you guys to put together some quality riding and great video work for his benefit but I bet he’d be feeling a lot better if you were both riding KH unicycles. :smiley:

It’s Krisz Koavcs not Kris Holm sorry for the typo but you can see his name on the video’s title! Thank you guys for the great comments! Krisz hopped up a wall (without uni) about a meter and half high and then slipped and fell back on his elbow and writs. :frowning:

Thanks for the clarification. Hope that he recovers soon.