get unicycling into the gravity games!!!

goto :

and go down a bit, vote for unicycling to be a part of the gravity games. Can’t see us winning against downhill mountainbiking (at 82% at the moment) but lets use our collective voice and make ourself heard!!!

Neck and neck with freestyle skiing and…ping-pong? Wow.

Yeah, but we’ve got the Strong Man games beat by a…well, by a margin! :slight_smile:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

c’mon, its up to 3% now, ( i think mainly through me ), if we all pull together, we can at least come second behind DH.

nice to see we are being recognised, and put in the poll, albeit at the bottom, below the ping-pong and strong-man. Pingpong in the gravity games, does that not seem a little strange to everyone else? no offence to pingpong players, i play the game myself, but i thought the gravity games were all so-called “extreme sports”

Does anyone know how unicycling got into the poll in the first place?

Concidering that most people have never seen or even thought about doing “extreme” stuff on a unicycle I’m not so sure that they know what they are asking for there.

Still quite cool that NBC takes the time to add us to the possible future sports in an online poll.


There is some evidence that awareness that unicycling is getting noticed as an “extreme” sport, or at least one that attracts the young, “cool” set.

The recent inclusion in Trivial Pursuit being one. There are others that have been mentioned here which I can’t recall. But I also noticed a few weeks ago that the restaurant chain T.G.I.Fridays has on its kids menu a trio of wacky cartoon hipsters. One is a skateboarder, one a skater and the third is a unicyclist.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

10% now people, thats about 860 votes. we are now second most popular, lets take the top spot from DH, they only have 74%…

Yeah, I agree, lets beat those bikes!

you can vote more than once
I voted over and over until I raised it a whole percent!

anybody else add up all the percentages and get 97%? i plresume this is because of rounding the percentages up and down?

I found a great way to vote alot fast
vote once and copy the adress
make that adress your homepage and then open a whole bunch of new windows
you might have to make sure that you have it set to open to homepage everytime you open a new window
if you are using a PC press ctrl+N and apple+N for macs
I’ve got it up to 14% and taken 2% from DH

Downhill biking has gone downhill to 71% while unicycling is up to 14%.

It strikes me that the people who post here are both enthusiastic and plentiful, I reckon we can turn this around and get unicycling added to the games, especially using Enders multiple voting strategy!

thanx tips…

it aint just you voting,we are all raizing it up.i been voting then using my back button for 30 minutes…

It’s now 70% and 15%

I’ve voted about 20 times.

On a PC you can easily open multiple windows by holding down the SHIFT key whilst clicking on the address.

Unicycling doesn’t have a chance in hell of beating Down Hill into the games…THAT BEING SAID I think Unicycling is still pulling huge numbers. 10%+ is very impressive IMHO. Those percentages alone will shock the crap out of the folks at Gravity Games. I am sure they will give the sport a much closer look than they ever have before! As will other people who visit their website! :slight_smile:


everybody set this as your homepage…

You don’t need to hit the back button. Just hit refresh on the results page. It’s much faster that way.

EDIT: you also don’t have to wait for the page to load. As long as the red gravity games logo reloads you are good.


Actually… The way things are going, and if everyone keeps hitting reload, we might stand a chance…

30 percent and climbing. You think if we win, unicycling will make its way into the games?

30? is it just me who’s still getting 21?

and lets not forget, it was 0% until i pointed it out about an hour ago. If we keep going this way, we will take the top unless the bikers get the same idea…