Get Thee Behind Me...

Get Thee Behind Me…

You truly are a holy man.


That totally rocks!!! I’ve gotta get out there and practice.


Get Thee Behind Me…

And though thy saddle be chaffed and torn, thy loins are yet tender, and thy posts are without number!

Does the Lord protect (the seat) or does He provide (new bumpers regularly)

I’ve abstained from seat drags because I practice on pavement.
Let us know how much abuse the bumpers can take.


Man you are improving fast. I’m going to have to start taking some pics quick.


Is that your version of an ultimate wheel with a wheelie bar?
Great pics, keep them coming.


Seat drag training wheel setup…

Christopher described the Coker as the hot tub of unicycles, complete with cruise control.

The seat doesn’t actually touch the ground, right? So can we say that your ride is the stretch limousine of ultimate wheels? Put pegs on the back and hire a chauffer?

Add another pair of pedals and it’s an ultimate wheel built for two?


Re: Get Thee Behind Me…

jagur, I think I can beat an old metal Schwinn seat into a plowshare so you can come over to turn my garden next spring.:wink:

the bumpers last quite awile,i havent burned a hole in one yet.i dont have a smooth gym to try this crap in so i said “what the hell” and started doing it anyway figuering i had to learn sometime…

thanx for all the kind words about progress,i just need to learn how to kneel down and pull out of this trick now.ive done it once with the seat out front but thats alot easier.

Does that actually work? Wouldn’t the wheels try to go in opposite directions?


Whoa… I can barely even ride with seat out in front! But I’ll catch up someday…

Duh, you just turn the “back” wheel around – then they go the same way.

Think before you ask these questions!

(yes, I’m kidding, just like U-Turn is – please don’t point out the obvious to me…)

Instead of “Get Thee Behind Me…” how about “Thou shalt not lay any Gods before me” or whatever? Hehe…

are you finding seat drag esier in front or in back?
i’ve had most success with the seat in front but backwards.
which is only 3 revs so far. last week it was 2 so i think i’m getting there eventualy.

any luck dropping from seat in front to seat drag?
i haven’t.

happily though its summer so i can practice all day during the week and perform at the weekend(which realy seems to make things “click”), i learned a load last year, it was great.

How would you drag the seat in front? I mean it’s possible, but isn’t it hard? Because that’s more like pushing the seat ahead, and that would make friction and al that scientific junk.

Front-dragging… aka: The Extra-friction way

Come on, James, let’s try to keep the technical jargon to a minimum, please?
There are some newbies here who are having a hard enough time with “Coker” and “UPD”.

HEY! i just didn’t know what it was…grrrrrrrr i dislike being stereotyped! :angry:

it was going to be “Get thee behind me Satan” but then i figured the only way that would work well is if i was dragging a Savage seat… :sunglasses: