Get the youth off the streets

Hey Hey (first post)

Me and my freind have been thinking of starting up the nothern beaches unicycling club or organisation.

We decided to start this up to get the youth off the streets.

Well the piont of this post is to ask for ideas of, contents of the club, How you guys and girls think it would go, and any useful ideas for the club

Thanks a bunch
yours magically Cameron

I think it’s a great idea. Only so many kids may get involved, but if you can help even just one kid, then it’s worth it. I’m planning to start a club in my city, but I am currently the only rider in town. I’m gonna offer free lessons in the spring and summer, and take it from there.

There are some fellas on the forum that have started clubs, and some have evolved into larger clubs, or several clubs. It’s definately a good idea.

Post a thread titled “Help starting a uni club”, or something like that. I’m sure some riders will reply, with some good ideas.

Good Luck.

I have tremendous admiration for those who start unicycling clubs. It takes time and effort. Maybe you’ll get some hints from Tommy Thompson, Brian MacKenzie or Bruce Edwards who have all started clubs recently.

I would recommend that you be a Kris Holm wannabe rather that a Khris Holms wannabe. I don’t know, maybe Khris Holms is a great uni rider, too.

do u know any other riders there?
or anyone interested?
sounds like sweet idea but how would u initially get people to come?
good luck

most guys and girls on the streets would think uning is totaly lame so im not sure how well it would work.

You might want to check out This article from the 2003 California MUni Weekend. One of the groups there, called the One Wheel Willys, was started by a guy who wanted to help out disadvantaged kids in San Jose, CA.

What? No!

I ride around my city and nearly everyone I meet thinks it’s cool.

Perhaps Sheffield is just a Kick-Ass place. Sigh.

Ok i know i am only 16 but i think it would be hard to control the ‘youth’ at 14. I hope you can do it but with all respect i have my doubts.



though about doing this myself during the summer some kids show interest other throw abuse.I was told by a YMCA leader that i would have to get insurance sorted and contact child welfare But im still in the early stages, just trying to get the word out. The only off putting thing for people is that they have to buy a unicycle, does anyone know where i could get a hold of some cheap ones

Hablo Espanol Senora?!

It may be “difficult” to “control” a few 14 year olds but everyone is different and most kids my age are resonably sensible.

As long as the people you are working with enjoy unicycling and are enthusiastic; they will listen.


If in doubt chuck the little baxtards out:D

You may be able to get a grant for a new program; you could buy 10 cheap kid’s unicycles for less than $1000.

yeah im 16 most people thinks its cool but the ones taht dont throw abuse at me i make them have a go (if i have lots of friednds around me) and we all have a good laff at them, if tehre ona bike i can usaly imprees them by hopping around a bit

Hey Hey
Thak you guys for sharing your ideas and opinions , i will ceratainly take into acount some of the things you guys said.
And for you guys you have doubts, i have a saying Nothings imopsible just never been done :slight_smile:
Me and my mate have had alot of support, we both decided to ride to school,
the kids at school where so suportive, iknow a couple of them have bought one for themselfs :smiley: , any hoo we have a photo shoot for our local paper in the week so it should get even beter.

Okely Dokely I Will Chat To Yas Later
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