Get the tube on straight

Do you have any advice on how to get the tube on straight? If the picture shows you can see my valve is coming out with an angle. Looking at the wheel in profile its straight, but its coming out toward the side (probably because the tube is twisted?) This is a 20" tube on my 24" rim (to save grams) so that might just be why, and im changing to a real 24 tube if i cant get it straight and it breaks like this

I’ll describe my regular technique here and i welcome suggestions on other ways. Maybe somebody even has a specific technique for downsized tubes already? So i normaly get one wall of the tire on the rim, then the tube into the tire all way round, then valve in first following the whole tube in both directions from the valve onto the rim, and lastly the second wall of the tire. With the smaller tube the part of getting the whole tube into tire is skipped, from the valve in place i have to go straight to lifting the tube over rim the whole way around, which is quite tricky with only two hands and probably the place where i messed it up and got the tube twisted. I spent some time on it but couldnt get it better so unless theres some new technique suggested here i might just leave it til it breaks and then put the 24" tube in
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On the tube in the photo I would try releasing all the air and refilling to see if the tube realigns.

When first installing I’d partially fill the tube so it holds its shape before fully installing the tire.


Take the tube out.
Take the tire off the rim.

Dust the inside of the whole tire and the entire tube with baby powder. Do this outside it will make a mess.

Refit tire and tube as normal.

Tire inners and tubes are mostly made of rubber and often stick together. The baby powder will allow the tube to slide into position. The fact that you are using an undersized tube will will not be making the job any easier.

If you do this inside on the tiled floor in your socks as per your pick. Please video your attempt as if you spill the baby powder on the tile floor you will probably land on your ass and we could all do with a good laugh. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face: :grin: :smile:

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