I didnt even look at that thread because of the title, this is a clean website, so get it off the threads, plz will some administrator deal with it and get rid of it immediatly.
idk who put it on, but It shouldn’t be on here, if it is what the title says!!

It was just another random spam thread, the url didn’t even lead anywhere. Rather than advertising it with a whole new thread why don’t you report it using the ‘report bad post’ button?

oh…well…I didnt know there was that button, and I wasnt going to open the thread, just incase there was something in there.

what; you have a problem with porn?

Well this is a family forum so maybe he does. This certainly isn’t the place for it.

It’s the triangle with an exclamation point in it below the poster’s avatar.

yes as a matter of fact I do.
Its agianst my morals.
has anyone reported it, because im still not opening the link

Yeah I did and it’s been removed.

On my browser (Safari version 2.0.4 (419.3)) I can float the cursor over the title of a thread and see the first few sentences of what’s inside without opening it.

== does that work on other browsers? ==

In internet explorer it does but not in firefox.

Works for me in Konqueror but I seriously doubt anyone else here uses that :slight_smile:

It does for me and I use firefox…

I do on occasion. :slight_smile:

I restarted firefox and you are right, it does work although IE gives more of the post. Thats hardly a reason to ever use it though.