get out an practice

dont type so much…


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Thanks jagur. It’s dark right now. Maybe I’ll go for a night ride on the Coker.

I actually have been practicing my uni skills. I can wheel walk sort of. I just can’t get back to the pedals yet and I can’t really turn. One of these day’s I’ll be able to call myself a unicyclist (but not until I master this wheel walk thing).

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your welcome

Good call. Now that my muni’s up and running again I can get out and some ridiculous amounts of fun on Mt. Cootha! It was a tough month.


Yeah good call too. As soon as my Now New giraffe Unicycle’s are now Coming sometime next week. I’ll be off riding them including my Muni too. I’m pretty busy at the moment builing Computers & doing some minor repair work and rebuilding computers takes time. Thanks Jagur you have remind me of cause.


so your first giraffe deal doesnt work out so now your getting two?


Your half right there. The first one was a flop until I found some Welding faults. Got my money back on that one which is no problems. The Second one was didn’t arrive in time on the due date. It was suppose to arrive on the 19th May which is Monday.
So I got my Money back on that too.
NOW FINALLY! Thank god. Hopefully Jagur And Andrew Carter too
It’s Coming again. These Uni’s are coming from next week and I haven’t Paid him yet so I know I can inspect the Unicycle’s. I’m getting the 5’ 6’ Foot Giraffe Semcycle Unicycles with a free Muni.
It’s not the same guy again as I thought. Thank god… He’s driving me mad and I’m totaly Angry. (Sorry if I offended you Mate)
These Uni’s are coming from Newcastle Bike shop (Australia) which they sell Semcycle’s which I had a phone call from them suddenly without notice. I think my good mate told this bike shop person that I’m in the market of buying a Unicycle and that’s where it had happen. So Jagur your right again. One Giraffe Unicycle and a Free Muni is coming. (And a spare wheel for 6’ foot riding of cause) Thanks Jagur. I’ll keep you inform and Andrew too.


Oh no! Please tell me you’ve never worn this ‘ensemble’ all at once!


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I don’t watch television ever. That saves a lot of time. I have time for typing and unicycling, but never at the same time.