Get me off two wheels fund, and selling/donating old bikes

Ok its come to this. I can not afford to buy a 28" ride to commute with to shcool so I’m gonna have to buy a bike. Thats right two wheels. Now I really dont want to do this if I dont have to, a 28" would be so much nicer. Cokers are nice too but I hear there not so good for off road stuff.

So as of now I’m accepting donations in the Get Mike off two wheels fund. If anyone has equipment they would like to donate to a poor college student I would be overjoyed. Or even an old hunk of bike that they would like to get rid of because the dont ride it anymore, I will be accepting offers. I probably can pay for shipping of stuff and maybe a small fee for the item, but remeber I’m poor and dont have money. So look in your Garage and see if you have something thats ridable and would like to give it up to a needy college student.

Thank you all I know I can expect an outpour of support.


What happened to your Audi?

I still have my audi but it’s not feasable to comute to class from where I live in pittsburgh, I’m arround 2 miles off campus so it takes a bit to walk. Also Parking on campus in the burgh is bad, I would take the bus all the time but I think I would prefer just biking it. Or riding in style on a 28" if thats possible

Your in luck! I’m a struggling unicyclist who would very much like to drive an Audi. Let me know how you want to handle shipping.