get high on a giraffe! wrote:
>Have t-shirts made “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Unicycling” :-). IMO
unicycling IS a >drug, and it’s much better getting high the natural way.

  •   * * * * * * * * It's the same old story. First he got a tricycle.
      Innocent enough, right?

Before long he was riding a bike. “All the other kids are doing it” he said.
“He’ll grow out of it” his parents thought, “It’s just a phase”.

But after awhile the bike got boring. He needed more kicks. He experimented with
some hard stuff; like wheelies, bunny hops, no hands, you know how it goes. He
got hooked.

A friend said, “hey man…check out this unicycle. Wanna try it?” He hesitated.
Somewhere deep inside he knew that this was his last chance to turn back. To be
a normal person. But the touch of the warm seat on his hand lured him. Just one
ride won’t hurt, he thought…