Get bent.

How did it get bent?? What the seat post diameter??

22.2 stock Miyata seatpost
Let a friend borrow the uni for a week or so. He missed a jump, landed on the front of the seat, bent the post. I’m sure he would have bent more if I didn’t have CF front and rear bumpers, re-inforcement plate, and CF base.

i just busted my CF front bumper yesterday…pic’s posted by friday i hope.

Damn jagur, stop breaking stuff.
Too bad you don’t have a spare like I’ve got for the rear bumper.

yeah that would be nice, i also have a spare rear bumper.i’ll be using it soon too since i broke the uncured rear bumper yesturday aswell.looks like your uncured one is the last one left.the uncured ones were never supposed to last this long…

Looks like I have a rare piece of unicycle memorabilia.

Yeh that brings me to another thing, i have bent about 5 seat posts. Is there any decent thick dia actual seat posts that can be bought rather than made at home.

I have bent 1/2 doing trials and 1/2 doing freestyle :wink:


The GB seatposts at are much stronger than the Miyata ones.