German TV Show

On friday I showed a little bit unicycling in a german tv show.


Hihi it was realy funny :smiley:

The almighty beer line

That was awesome! You seemed very consistant. Were you nervous? How many people watched the show? Surprisingly, I could understand almost everything they/you said :smiley:

I noticed that too… unfortunately I could only understand half of what was being said… I guess that’s what happens when you only take two years of german then stop…

That’s cool. I laughed when it showed the replay of him jumping over 4 people. It seemed kinda cheesy

After a while i forgot that it was in german

I had to sign a contract which says that I am not allowed to speak about the money :(.

That was definitely cool!

Really cool! I woulda messed up with that many people watching… And once the cheerleaders showed up, I wouldn’t have been able to walk, let alone jump over 4 people. :wink:

I know you can’t talk about how much you got paid, but would you still have gotten paid if you landed on the host? :wink:

I dont know, but the bodyguards from scooter sayed to me that it would be nice if I make the jump. I was little scared what they do if I jump on them, but they said only that they dont want to carry scooter to hospital.

That was pretty brave of him to lay on the end.

I couldn’t understand most of it. Anything doubed in English or w/ subtitles?

German is such an angry language.

That’s cool that you got to be on what seems like a pretty prime time show. Do people on the street recognize you now?

Yet nobody remembered me but many many old friends called me or sent me mails that they saw the show. Now i know how many people who know me dont go out friday night and watch TV instead :).

Congrats, Lutz!
Those scooter guys made me laugh… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve seen too many parodies…
Check out these: :stuck_out_tongue:

luckey! who is scooter?

A big german techno band frederiks parody is good :). But in the show I was they didnt talked about partying and they dont talk that much in there songs they just scream words like “hyper hyper” :).

hyper hyper was releast 1993. I’m sure they develped.
However I don’t like them. They made to many bad commercial remixes of good Tracks.
Anyway a good show Lutz.

i was watching a few of scooters music vids and almost all of his videos had fast cars and girls. haha i thought id just point that out.

ich wünsche, daß ich Deutsches sprach

very nice!!!:slight_smile: