german trials and muni weekend

does anyone know anything about this? i emailed the guy but got no reply. is anyone going?

there is a thread about it HERE! But unless you can read german I am not sure if that can help you out any bit…

cheers but german aint my strong point… im a bit shakey with english to be honest with you.

The GMTW is a big unicycling meeting in Germany. Usually more than german speaking dudes come together. This year peple from Denmark, Belgium and other European countries will be there.
I am from Austria, and I would be there, unless I wouldn’t still be in America at the time they meet. It’s more or less the biggest ‘come together’ in germany, and happens every year. Last year there were more than 80 people, I’ve read.

If you want more info, I can translate for you.


GMTW English Website


there’s an English Version online! It contains pretty much the same information as the german site. Only the “travel assistant” is missing. To get an idea where the GMTW is going to take place, just click into the graphics.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the German Forum! Most of the users there can answer in English.

Greetings, Jan


Roger told me he is taking me to it, but I dont know anything about it… other than I’m going. I’ll have to try and take that friday off work.

I’m also going to the Koxx Trials meet in Paris, 19th - 20th March.
Ill post a thread up about it some time…


cool, i guess ill give roger a shout then. any other british guys going?