German Trial Video

Hi folks!

Finally my trials video is finished. It also contains scenes from the trial competitions in Lueneburg (near Hamburg). Take a look at:

Have fun and greetings from Hamburg…

Aww man it’s over :frowning:

Kickass vid man.

sweet video man!!!
you have a LOT of awesome looking natural trails spots

is that a koxx devil you’re riding?

Love the name! :smiley:
Vid is Dling

cool. I wish I could do that

That was fantastic! Great setting, great riding, great lines…makes me want to learn to ride trials seat out too. :slight_smile:


wow. that’s all i can say. its real nice.

that’s awesome

No - it’s an Onza. The rim and seat are from Try-All.

sweet job. you are really good!!


hey cool the link finally worked. really solid riding man i enjoyed that. :slight_smile:

Thanks for good feedback :slight_smile:

8 palets!!! THATS BONKERS!!! nice job


Wow that was crazy great!

I love the hell bent ride down the stairs at the beginning! Well, it would certainly be super hell bent for me.

It all rocks, great job!

GREAT flick! Artistic with the windmills in the background, and the amazing riding inspires me to keep practicing my hops!