german street stuff

that`s one of the first street movies from germany. hope you enjoy it…

-Thorsten Schanz

great stuff !!!

Great vid:) !

Fantastic video. I thought you only rode freestyle but obviously I was wrong!

awesome video indeed.


great vid

I liked it, it had a real nice flow to it. Just how a street vid should be.


Awesome vid, man, I loved how fast everything was, you’re definitely a daredevil street rider.

sponsored by koxx ?

thats what i thought too :slight_smile:

NIce stuff guys…really sweet…

Are those cranks Profiles?
How did you get those?
Nice movie to:p


thanks you guys… im happy that you like it.

i ride street and freestyle, but at the moment i ride more street. i don`t get a gym for practise freestyle.

the cranks are by quax and the rim and hub are by quax too, but we made it white.

im not sponsored by koxx. im sponsored by point racing. that`s a german bike company…

-Thorsten Schanz

nice vid what kind of hub do you use?

Sweet! Nice video, good job!

that was insane

That was awsome. I thought that the spinning down the stair type tricks were especially cool.I live in germany too. It’s a great country.

It’s also availiable on now. It’s a bit lower Quality but there is a mov file now :slight_smile:
If you like Thorstens style, don’t miss that video. (mov)

That movie rocks tits! I’m talking big, DD size tits.

Oh so sexy!