german, my muni, and more

hey yall. i am now in tubingen german, near stuttgart. it rocks. i just got my qa-ax 20 SE muni and im soo happy. i love riding unis around german citys. its so fun. haha. plus a lot more ppl uni here which is cool. so yea. everything is going great. just wondering whats happening on the other side of the ocean. ill keep ya updated and write more about it when i have time


update. the first time i really messed around on my muni. which was just gettin the hang of it. u know jumpin around and makin sure i could still idle and go bckwds and such. well i was bunnyhopin w/o holdin on to handle and a slip and smacked into the pavement. some ppl saw me and ran over. i muttered that i was fine in such shady german. i scraped and bbruised one knee, tore the skin off one elbow, and wacked up my wrist. (i wasnt wearing any protection). it will be ok but for now its a little messed. meh so it goes. ill be back on tomarrow